Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas for tournaments

This thread is to find people willing to travel for tournaments, people who live in the lehigh valley and surrounding areas. I will be posting up dates and times of upcoming tourneys and i’ll be going to alot of them also. We`re mainly looking for people who want to go to these tourneys. hope to hear back from everyone

We’ll you know i’m in for sure. Ever since East Coast Throw down 2 i’ve been looking to test myself and see where I can take my Vega. My decent finish at ECT2 gave me hope so i’m gonna see how far I can make it.

Postin this one late so i’m not sure we’'ll get anyone to go but anyone is welcome just try to post by the end of the day.


Lookin for people that would like to tag along (gas money is appreciated)

Also thinking about attending this:


Once again people looking to come with give a heads up.

A) I’m down for supporting tournaments being setup in this area. I have a PS3, a copy of SSF4 (amongst other fighting games), a TE and HRAP3 and possibly a TV to contribute.

B) I went to 8 on the Break’s weekly tournament last Tuesday and shit was hype. Some really good players go there and it’s only $10. And for those in LV, it’s only, at most, an hour and a half away. I’m looking to go every other week, possibly every week. Everyone should check it out.

Hit me up with a PM if there’s anything going on.

Btw, I can’t make it to Road to Evo 2 (I wish it was a different weekend). So, for those of you that are going, rep PA for all of us!

Double post?

check check. can’t wait til i get this move out the way. I’ve been missin my LV heads, and been missin too many tournaments

Been to Grand Master Twice, ECT2, NECX, Winter brawl. Been tagging along with my co worker eronious.

just a clarification this is for setting up meet ups for tourneys extraneous stuff can be posted on phatals thread bakuryu. just a heads up

me flawless and 2 others are heading to the grandmasters i still have 2 seats left who else wants to go http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=240191&highlight=lehigh