LEHIGH VALLEY OPEN Palmerton P.A. 07/09/2010

LEHIGH VALLEY OPEN Palmerton P.A. 07/17/2010

This tourney is for lehigh valley and surrounding area SSF4 players that will be played on the xb360. (just what i have access to sorry guys)

Palmerton Sokols #214
452 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton P.a. 18071

July 9th starting at 2p.m.

looking to get 30-40 people preregistered on this thread
entry is 10 and venue is 10 pot will be 1st 60% 2nd 25% 3rd 15% of entry fees

Food and drinks will be available on premises for a small fee

this place is huge they used to hold gymnastic meets in this hall so the more people we can get the better here`s a link for the hall http://www.facebook.com/pages/Palmer...4/294250461922

Here`s a Link for the locals to get involved with or local thread


And here`s the thread for local player who want to travel for tourneys


Re-posted due to being used for something other than pre-registration

The 9th?

…of July?!?

Isn’t that EVO Weekend?

…good luck…

already had this convo with someone… im not looking for evo caliber players…

were looking for players that wanna try there skills agianst other people. no need to try and attract pros.

unfortunately I won’t be able to make this. I work during the week 8-5, so I don’t really get to go to tournaments during the week.
Ill try to help out however I can. but I’ll be at work when this is going on.

any reason behind the date/time?
I’d say weekends are usually better since ppl don’t have school, work or other things going on.
just curious.

honestly since everyone and there grandmother is going to evo i`m thinking about making it the next weekend. july the 17th