Lehigh Valley, PA Players (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton)

What’s 'good everyone? I wanted to make this thread to find Lehigh Valley Players, and not Philly area players. Philly has a lot of players, but I don’t know of many in my local area.

So if you play and live in the Lehigh Valley post up and introduce yourself.

We’ve been having offline gaming sessions at peoples houses/apartments, and also at places like the Nerv Center, so if that sounds interesting, or if you know anyone who would be down send them to this thread.

Here are the people I know so far in the Lehigh Valley Area.

  • Outphasen (kutztown)
  • SatanicGlory (Emmaus)
  • Phatal Phd (Allentown)
  • bglaugher (Reading)
  • Carmen (Bethlehem)
  • Nefarsus (Greenville)
  • Banicale (west Chester)
  • Bakuryu42 (Breinigsville)
  • ERUPTION (Allentown)
  • RevyFan187 (Deiruff)
  • dakkogemini (palmerton)
  • Maverickgemini (Palmerton)
  • Op31n2 (Stroudsburg)
  • Mockingly (Harrisburg)
  • Adayafteru (palmerton)
  • KG the Legend (Reading)
  • crazymasterhand (Kutztown)
  • Eronios (allentown)
  • Lose-Control (Bath)
  • jamisu (Whitehall)
  • OhSoSketchy (Allentown)
  • L10 (Allentown)
  • Thefury215 (allentown)
  • Grievrr (saylorsburg)
  • GEAR-X (stroudsburg)
  • dc5neutron (allentown)
  • JuniorPalmer (allentown)
  • Jermburn (Bethlehem)
  • Ranfis (Bethlehem)
  • Juan (Bethlehem)
  • Andy (Allentown)
  • RoyalMist (Japan) lol


Hey, I was just pointed to this thread by 1der. I live in East Greenville, which is where 29 and 663 intersect. I play SFIV (PS3) MvC2(PS3), SC4(PS3), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) and am looking at purchasing HDR tonight. Pretty new to playing seriously, just got my first fightstick, a Round 1 TE, and immediately bought a 2nd one haha. If anyone around is down for some gaming, hit me up.

I’m also trying to find someone who can do mods for sticks. I purchased a Round 2 during the Keychain promo, and its a 360 model, so I want to get it setup for PS3,DC, Gamecube/Wii. Once that’s done, I plan on get TvC, as that is the craziest game I have seen in a while.

I have a pretty decent setup at my apartment, 40 inch Samsung 550 series, Logitech Z-5500 5.1, 2 TE’s. So once I get to know someone, they’re more than welcome to come over for some gaming. I just moved here in August from West Chester so I don’t really know anyone in the area haha. Hoping to meet some cool people. I just heard about Cyborg1 so I may check that out in the next couple weeks.

Nice to see there are some people kinda close to me, look forward to meeting all of ya! :smile:

thanks for posting nefarsus. I’m always looking for a reason to get out of town. So i’d be down to take a drive up to Greenville and play. Just let me know. I also sent you a PM

Heys Guys

3rd Strike (on an authentic head to head Japanese Versus City Cabinet) anyone?


Hope to see more responses soon but yeh Nefarsus maybe sometime in the future something could get setup with some more players should we find them.

Nice to see you on here Satanic…I gotta get some payback on that Vega of yours!

PHATAL clear your inbox! I pity the fool who can’t receive messages.

just noticed i was at full capacity…send it now…its all cleared out.

just noticed i was at full capacity…send it now…its all cleared out.

a little update peoples…

on Feb. 20th (Saturday) I’ll be heading up to greenville to have a little crack session with Nefarsus. If anyone is interested in coming with, let me know. We just trying to chill out and get some games in and drink some beer.He has a Wii, PS3, so we could prolly play TvC, SF4 and whatever games he has. So don’t be scuuured!

on March 7th (Sunday), Mixah and some of his friends will be heading up to Allentown from the Poconos to have a crack session at my apartment. I’ll have a 360, he’ll have a PS2, so we should be able to play SF4, MvC2, CvS2, 3S and KOF and others possibly.

Everyone is welcome to these gatherings, as we’re just trying to meet up and play some fighting games. So let me know if you’re interested and we can talk.

Haha I was just about to post something. Yeah so I’ve got PS3, Wii, Dreamcast, and if needed, I could borrow my little bros 360. I have 2 PS3 fightsticks, 1 360 soon to be modded for everything fightstick for people to use, as long as your hands are clean, it’s no problem at all hehe. I’ve got SFIV, Call of Duty 4: MW2, HD Remix, MvC2, Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) and probably going to pick up 3rd Strike for Dreamcast in the next week. If I can get my stick modded in time, I will pick up TvC. if we can get 2 people who don’t mind sharing their sticks ( I don’t mind sharing mine), I will still pick up TvC. Been dying to get that game and all i need is an excuse atm haha.

Let’s see if we can get a nice core of people down! No times are set yet, but I figure this would be pretty much all of Saturday. As PHATAL said, everyone is welcome to come, I moved to East Greenville from West Chester, so don’t really know anyone in the area. If you have some games you think would be cool to play, definitely say something. I’m up for anything.

For those curious, I have a pretty decent setup. 40 inch Samsung 550 series LCD tv, Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround sound.

EDIT: I should be receiving my first copy of Steel Battalion this week if anyone knows what it is, and am looking at getting my 2nd one next week. I know this isn’t a fighting game, but if anyone has interest in this, we could play that as well. Pretty much just looking for a good day of boozing and gaming. :bgrin:

Everything is sounding good so far. Im able to haul my console if needed (360) or any of my games as well (SF4, SF3 anniversary on xbox, Blazblue, and DOA4). And yeh we’ll have to rematch some time Phatal lol.

Hey everyone!
I’m moving to lehigh in 4-5 months great to see the scene is alive and well there.

Like I said, I can hook you up with a ride to greenville if need be.

that’s whats up man! The scene isn’t really that big at the moment, that’s why we’re trying to build it up now. Let us know when you’re in the area though! good luck with the move

Glad to hear it kifmzk, the more players in the area the better. It’d be nice to be able to start a scene around here cause it would lead to more possibilities. Yeh i’ll prolly take you up on your offer btw Phatal.

Just checking in :slight_smile:

If I was still in the US I’d so be on this, thanx towards the OP for putting this up!

I’m in Harrisburg but I would love to get together with you guys for a day of fightan

Hey Guys!
I don’t mean to highjack the thread but do u have any advice on which areas are nice to live in. I’m going to be working at lehigh valley hospital in allentown.
If you don’t want to get offtopic on the thread u can just pm me.
Thanks for your time

Nefarsus also has a thread started about people in Pa. getting together to play so be sure to check it out!