Lei Fei Thread


Because I felt like it had be done…

I’ve been interested in Lei Fei since VF5 but he has so many stances…

[LEFT]I’m just going to bite the bullet and learn to play him at last…So…[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Normal Stance[/LEFT]
P 6P-Dokuritsu Shiki
66K(Hold)-Dokuritsu Shiki
K+G Dokuritsu Shiki
4K+G K Dokuritsu Shiki

P 6P PP -Hai Shiki
43P –Hai Shiki
K-Hai Shiki
6P+K P+K+G Hai Shiki
K+G P Hai Shiki

3P P+K+G Kyo Skiki
P+K P P+K+G Kyo Shiki
6P+K P P+K+G Kyo Shiki

6K Koko Shiki
2P+K P Koko Shiki
9P+K P Koko Shiki
66K+G Koko Shiki

2P+K Nehan Shiki

33K+G K Suirakan Shiki

I put this list together for myself, so I know what moves in his normal stance cause him to transition into another stance…

So there… hopefully somebody who plays him can drop some knowledge about his moves, because with so many options, it’s hard to know what to pick from…

EDIT: For some reason I feel it’s best to learn his stance moves before you learn his normals…


We’ve already got a Lei Fei thread: Don’t EVER interrupt mah Kung Fu: LEI FEI THREAD

I’ll add this to the OP in that thread, though.