Lei's 3D Crap (Darkstalkers mostly unsurprisngly)


I didn’t register just to pimp my stuff here, but I figured what the hell i’ll do it early anyway. it’s going to happen sooner or later, it’s one of my only interesting abilities.

First, I’m modeling the usual suspects of Darkstalkers plus the one unusual one CAPCOM keeps forgetting about:

and then i’m uncannily shoving them into various fps games because I freaking can (depending on import/export pipelines starting with Blender). I don’t care how stupid and out of place it may be but at least its not hatsune miku or the touhou cast with guns

i’m deliberately trying to go for the ‘Vampire Savior’ look of their sprites/portraits, except for Morrigan who I want to make her look like her 1994 sprites as much as I can.

A quick FAQ because I know this is inevitable:
A: That’s not a question.

A: Blender 2.49 for modeling and exporting IQM, Noesis for converting the IQMs to PSK.

Q: Arms suck
A: I know and there’s barely anything I can do about it. Frickin’ mandatory base skeletons!

Q: Wow how did you steal these from Marvel vs. Capcom 3
A: I MADE THESE FROM SCRATCH YOU TIGHTWAD plus I started them before MVC3 even came out so I wouldn’t be influenced by their now apparently ugly changes to their character.

Q: Can you put <this> in <game>
A: Only if I own said game and ONLY if there is a possible export pipeline from Blender and Noesis, and only if the game actually sanctions support for custom characters. (Read: most games today do not, UT3 and Serious Sam HD SE are the latest ones that do)

Q: WOW U GOOD AT 3D can u good at 2d
A: No. 2D drawing is something I can’t do well. I probably couldn’t even doodle a good Street Fighter character in the MSPaint thread for my life.

DarkStalkers 4 Speculation

I know those aren’t from MvC3 because the MvC3 models kind of suck (or were recycled from other games) when you remove the filters and shaders. These have a lot more detail.

I don’t know much about modeling to offer any C&Cs, but those models do a good job of resembling the 2D originals.


pretty sweet :slight_smile:


very nice work.


Wow, so rare to see 3D fan work, and such excellent work at that. I could honesly mistake it for Capcom’s own models.

If you came up with some interesting ideas/poses you could have some really cool illustrations, since its 3D you would probably end up with some really sweet, and tough (for us pencil pushers), stuff.


I could but even tracing over my own 3d work doesn’t make me work around my crappy 2d art skills.

I’m not the best at 3d either, I’m terrible at rigging. :stuck_out_tongue: and trying to put leilei onto demoman’s skeleton is also quite a challenge as he has wide shoulders and hyoooge hands


Holy crap, does anyone know how hard it is to get them to look this good? That’s some amazing stuff there mate.


While this isn’t a darkstalker it’s a video of how I approach texturing… by MOUSE.







If Bulleta weren’t so damn small, she’d make a great skin mod for L4D2.


Bulleta could make a good Zoey.


BTW quick morrigan question - front hair locks or not? Her infamous 1994 sprites lack them, but the later portrait/promo renditions have them (and often used as makeshift godiva hair because her dress theoretically exposes 3/4 of areola if she had them).

I should really fix her neck. I stuck her ingame when the 2.49 IQM exporting/PSK converting was awful.

And yes, i’m still planning on a Lilith model quick is quickly doable after I finish her. and maybe that hipster morrigan lmao

her voice pack is terrible, an ideal one would be one who would have a taunting bank made out of acted phrases of all her victory quotes from all her appearances. but good luck to finding one willing to do that, for now you’ll have to put up with a mix of some ova and mostly angry irish american cartoon morrigan


I propose a 2D/3D exchange program. I’m trying to learn 3D programs on my own (buh) but would looooove any pointers, methods, how-to’s, and other things you use, have made, or heard about in getting a leg up.

In return? Well…I could share all sorts of 2D resources I know about! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if i’m ever up for that (my own projects and also games), but the best pointer i’ve learned from are the basic hotkeys of Blender. The rest went trial & error for me.

MOUSE1 confirms
MOUSE2 denies, selects
MOUSE3 rotates camera.
Get it moved
Well edit something (popup menu of actions)
On the Proportional editing (use mousewheel to adjust size - ideal for breast shaping and general dirty quick proportional checkup)
Mirror (or in object mode, move to layer. I use layers for focusing on model sections sometimes, or moving an older mesh revision to a convenient bin)
Tab in and out from edit mode

And a non-character : My torch is at the right.


This may seem like a long time coming but i’m finally starting to wrap up the UT2 models since Blender 2.61’s weighting tools don’t suck as much as they did in 2.49 when I was first doing this.

In other words, the deformations of joints have gotten a lot better.


  • Felicia now uses HumanFemale skeleton
  • Lei-Lei reweighted, now uses ponytail bone for hanging ribbon/bow/back flaps
  • Proportions on Lei-Lei reworked a bit -smaller head, a bit larger chest (so arms don’t look so sticking out), sleeve pulled back a bit
  • Lei-Lei’s legs shouldn’t clip dress as much

A ChaosUT2 picture



lol, that went well. not. baring a midriff on clothing polygons makes a person fat.

Also after this I did some comparitive titalysis and it appears I have to reduce the cleavage height to 72% down the middle to match the Vsav portrait. everything else seems okay. I KNEW something was off.


I’m down for this. Post some screenshots, I’ll trace over to make illustrations, you get (some) credit for the finished piece, both of us gain exposure. Have we got a deal? :wink:




Ok, here’s a quick attempt at lilith

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4

current problems - neck and elbows.

I think i’m going to move onto Q-Bee next.


Here comes a new challenger



So that makes 6 out of 18!