Lei's Trial #6 and His Terrible Command List

So, in typical Capcom fashion, rather than giving you the multiple required inputs in order to do the move listed in this trial, they just give you the final command and add “during move x.” Well this time it’s really bad.

Lei’s Trial #6 says to do Tiger Sip. The command is listed as “(during Staggering Slide) PP.” So you go into the Command List, and look for how to perform Staggering Slide. The command for that move is “(during Play Dead) KK.” sigh Alright… So let’s look up how to do Play Dead. …Wait, where is it?

That’s right, you didn’t overlook it; it’s missing completely. And to make matters even worse, his whole Command List is just all over the place. Under “Special Move,” there’s I think six different moves that just say “(Command) during (Stance).” Then when you get to “Unique Attack,” there’s a ton of different strings he can do that all say “during (Stance).” Then at the very end of “Unique Attack,” you’ll finally find the different commands for the stances, which might be in some sort of order, I dunno.

I mean, I know it’s just a command list, but it’s sloppy and unnecessarily overwhelming imo. Would it have been THAT difficult to sort out the commands for the different stances, and put the chains / special moves for each underneath that? Or for the Trials, to list the commands step-by-step to go from Neutral to the correct stance needed to the special attack itself? I’m not saying I can’t figure the moves out (except for Play Dead, because I haven’t figured it out yet,) but I could see the majority of more casual players looking at his movelist and immediately moving on to a different character.

So yeah. Just sayin’. If anyone figures out the command for Play Dead, can you please post it here?


Tiger Sip is a move done during drunken stance by pressing two punch buttons. Drunken stance is Forward and 3 Kicks.

Playing Dead is when he lies on the ground. It happens from doing three Tiger Sips during Drunken Stance, or doing forward/back and two punches in Drunken Stance.

Not only is the command list sloppy, but there’s flat out mistakes in it. They didn’t double check what they wrote, I guess.

Alternatively, if you go into Panther Stance (Down 3 kicks, down) and do MK MP chain, it registers as Tiger Sip as well. How curious.

i actually JUST figured this out and came here to post about it lol. But thank you very much for letting us all know!

True enough! Once I saw this post on how to get to “Play Dead,” I tried to do the Trial the way the Command List says to do it, and it’s not possible.

Also, I found out there’s at least one string that’s not listed at all. During Drunken Stance, you can do MP, HP, F+PP which is a natural 3-hit combo. This also leaves you in Play Dead, and you can press KK for the Staggering Slide and a hard knockdown.

EDIT - Looks like you can do MP, MP, F+PP out of Drunken Stance as well. Another out of Drunken Stance is that you can cancel his LK, MP, HK into PP (Tiger Sip). Not fast enough to combo with the followup punch, though.

First hit of that is overhead too.
Need to experiment with tag ins at the f+pp and see what could come out of it.

This command list is what keeps me away fro, him in this game…

Glad I’m not the only one. I just downloaded the new chars and spent forever trying to figure out what they meant about playing dead haha