Lemoore CA Meet ups?

Hi I’m still pretty new to the forums and still getting fully into the Street fighter scene, but was wondering if there were any Lemoore/Hanford/Fresno Meet ups going on in the area. Originally I’m from SD but I’m stationed in Lemoore and really hoping to get my game up a bit. If anyone has any information regarding meet ups in this area please let me know. If meet ups haven’t started yet I’m wondering if anyone would want to get a community started up in the area so that us gamers in the valley can finally get some action and training time in. Anyone with any information or interested just PM me please. Much appreciated!


P.S. We alittle in the middle so I didn’t know to post it in Norcal or Socal >.>

me and another dude are in visalia. dont know anyone else that plays. also, we both are pretty terrible at fighters lolz.

Its fine dude its all about the love of the game. I’m moving into a townhouse soon over in lakeview in lemoore and my roommate is down to have people over once a week or so once we get everything situated. But I’ve had acouple people pm me and reply about this topic so I’m hoping we can get this started. Until then I’m trying to see if theres another place we can hold meet ups

cool cool dont really know any meet up spots either, sorry. if u get things up and running though shoot me a pm or something, we are tired of playing each other lol.

i’m in hanford and have a couple of friends who play too. we just go over to each others houses to play. i’m down for some meetups though.