Lenticular Printing

Is it possible to do it for a custom artwork? Has anyone tried it before?

Theoretically yes, although it wouldn’t be cost efficient do to only 1 stick.

Most places that do this would want a few hundred prints made (of the same image).

In principle, it’s pretty straightforward. I’m not sure where you’d get the lenticular sheet though.

Get out of my head!

I was thinking about something like this too recently ! Probably (very much) not cost-effective to do for 1 stick.
Also, I’d be curious to know how you design (what tools) a file ready to go for lenticular printing.

It comes out to about 5 bucks a whack, with a minimum run of 100 quantity.

Holographic printing would be pretty cool too, but is stupidly expensive (around 200-300 bucks for typical arcade stick dimensions).

Maybe we could do this for a special, holographic SRK Tech Talk design.

I looked into this some time ago. You can actually buy the lens kit to make it yourself. You would need to edit your image using the settings provided with the particular lens sheet kit. Then you simply lay the lens kit over your edited artwork and it works just as well. Now if only I can find that damn link to the website.

This site does lenticular printing. Based on measurements of the average TE artwork area, pricing would be about $15 for one. Not too shabby. I’m planning to experiment with this. They have a variety of YouTube videos that give tutorials on how to prepare your art. Once uploaded, you can preview it and even adjust various sliders to set different elements further or closer from the foreground.