I spent a while coloring him in and rushed it towards the end. Especially with the sword.

if your wondering y no one replied to this…THEY PROBABLY THINK IT SUCKS!!!..no offense (seriously). I posted some shit one time and no one posted on the thread so i figured it was ass and i just deleted the thread. U SHOULD DO THE SAME


I thought it was pretty good. I commented from my deviantart account. I find I get the most feedback when i use an Imagehosting service like imageshack.

Some people can’t be bothered clicking on another link. With a hosting service the punter can see the image straight away and can post some feedback quickly without mucking about.

Keep on trucking with the art man, you got talent!

Gee, you post poorly done traces and you wonder why no one comments. STFU.

Very nice.

My gripes:

The starfield is a bit too dense. Nothing wrong with that, really. But it causes my second gripe to be more noticable.

Leo’s borders are too stark against the starfield. A very slight blending /blurring of his edges against the background would help a bit.

For movelists, I prefer joystick motions (like of :qcf:) instead of text (kinda like the the Rival Schools loading screens). I have no idea what FDP is.

He should probably be thanking you for the free bump, jackass. Not everyone sits here and pounds the F5 key all day. :lame:

Anyways, your anatomy is wonky, especially in the arms and legs.
The coloring isn’t half bad, though. The mane in particular.
Plus extra points for Warzard. Not enough of that floating around.

1/2Man1/2God: I didn’t really ask why no one commented because I can at least acknowledge that there are some other REALLY talented artists around here. If I’m not gettin comments then it means I gotta improve. I can live with that. Was it bothering you THAT much that I didn’t delete the thread?

Anyway, I’ve already gotten a critique from someone I show my art to. He basically pointed out the things that Apathy and Bowie mentioned. So I know what I need to improve upon. Thanks for the advice though…

fuck you all this shit is trash muhahaha

One person’s opinion doesn’t mean shit, actually.

It’s too boxy for my taste but I really like it nonetheless. I prefer more flowing curves… but yeah.

IT’s still really cool.

I guess that’s the second bump that I owe you. Keep it up…

not bad, main thinf I don’t like are the static pose and the anatomy. These are things that can be worked on, so just keep at it.

keep drawing, and don’t let the lack of responses bug you :slight_smile: