Leon S. Kennedy or Chris Redfield for MVC3


I think Leon would have been a better choice to represent the Resdient Evil franchise. What do you guys think?


I was right. People ARE getting stupider.


Chris Redfield aaaaaaaallllllllll the wwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyy!!!




Um, dude…Chris has been comfirmed LONG ago, this post is too late. :\


I like Leon more but I like Chris too so is fine with me.

Now Jill…:lovin:


Nah Wesker would be better


Chris’ guns are bigger.


Leon was the protagonist of the best RE ever made, but he looks idiotic so I’d rather we had Chris.


Being a gentleman like Dudley I thought you would show respect for the rules.


Dude you are SLOWER than Legend II JUST noticing that Marvel has no Vagina on their side yet!

Just because you THINK something doesnt mean it should be that way! Give REASONS!!! <-show u have some form of intelligence!


Hmmmmmm, a character that has a fully developed moveset and a 3d model? Who has also been among the first to be announced and played with already? Or waste dev time and money to satisfy you.

Thinks long and hard


Still waiting on that mod option to electrocute instead of infract.