Leonardo DiCaprio Cast as MLK in New Film, Will Wear Blackface



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Here’s my favorite part of that page:


I lol’d pretty hard reading that, too ridiculous to be real


It’ll be the only way he wins an Oscar doe :coffee:


i’m sure he’s really upset about not having an oscar. the millions if not billions of bitches that would do outlandish things to get fucked by him just can’t compare.



lol…im starting to suspect this nigga is a secret racist…slave master…blackface…im noticing a trend here.


i cant wait for that fake story to go viral, and have every idiot on twitter like, “damn, its like that hollywood. fuck you dicaprio, you slave master”. lol


I’m really curious why they feel DiCaprio is the best choice. He just doesn’t scream MLK to me.

On an ideal level I can’t help but admire the studio’s decision in this. Race or gender really doesn’t affect a person’s ability to act out a role. Granted, film is a visual medium so visual adjustments will have to be made. But people have been roleplaying races and genders they aren’t for a long time.

For example, there’s no reason a tough black man can’t roleplay a sexy elf girl really well. Right @angelpalm?


You can tell this is a fake article, not by the disclaimer, but by how Leonardo could be stuck in the most obvious Oscar bait movie of all time and give the best performance in his life and he’d still get passed up for the fucking Oscar, shit ain’t even worth the controversy.


DiCaprio doesn’t deserve an Oscar. He is not Oscar material. Just ranging between “okay” to “decent” isn’t enough. Leading in great movies that would be great with or without you does not automatically grant you an Oscar. Please drop this line.


Sandra Bullock won an Oscar though…


Leo is goat actor of this generation. He can play anyone. I’d see Mlk Leo. Day one, imax, 3d


So has Nicholas Cage…


That feel when Leo will most likely do an amazing job anyways.

Q-Tip will probably produce the soundtrack. Aren’t they best friends? Lol


Cool gif of Morgan Freeman.

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Clearly Robert Downey JR should play MLK. The choice is obvious.


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I wish this was real just for the black people reaction videos on youtube.