Less-Expensive Alternative To PS3 Sixaxis?

Hello friends,

I’m looking to buy another controller for my PS3. This isn’t going to be mainly for fighters - it’s going to be for occasional general use for a second player. I have the SIXAXIS controller and I’m looking for something comparable to it, but less expensive, say $40 or less, though I don’t want something that is garbage. I want the thing to work reliably and to not fall apart. A “good value”. I’m open to both wired and wireless, but if it is wired a longer cord (say 10’) would be preferred. If it is wireless using standard batteries (AAA or AA) would be preferred.

I can do without vibration.

Any recommendations? Many thanks.

Are the real controllers that much more expensive than $40? I bet you could pick one up on eBay for that. You’re always taking your chances with third-party controllers.

Yeah, you’re right… it probably isn’t worth taking a chance. I just scored a new Dual Shock 3 w/o box on eBay for $40 shipped. Plus this way if my first controller gets broken (which is actually my second, the one that came with my console had a left analog-stick problem) I know I’ll have a good backup.

Thanks for talking some sense into me.

I haven’t come across many 3rd party PS3 controllers, and (almost?) all the ones I’ve seen use their own dongle for connection via 2.4GHz RF instead of BT like the SA/DS3. So yeah, I really don’t think they’re worth using at all unless they have special layouts (e.g. FightPads).

How about getting a Saturn Pad and using it on the PS3?

I haven’t stepped into a Gamestop in a while, but I wouldn’t think a used sixaxis would cost much. I’d prefer a used Sony pad VS a new 3rd party pad, USB dongles suck.

+1 not to mention you can sometimes find some “broken” ones that may have sticky buttons and what not but the PCB still works. That’s what I do for my wireless PS3 sticks, broken sixaxis controllers go for $9 and the PCB is still good.