"Less talk, more blood" The Vega combo thread

If you’ve got any combos to share or combo videos, please post them and I’ll link them/put them in the first post.
a) The damage for Cross Arts :)qcf:+:mp::mk:) is 100+damage of your partner’s super.
b) Claw’s Super is performed as Charge :d: then :u:+:3p: Hold :uf: to have Claw jump towards your opponent. His Super does a total of 280 damage( and 240 if the jumping knee attack doesn’t hit).
c) LK S. Terror is only one hit and does 70 damage, whereas the first hit of the MK and HK versions does 60. If you plan on ending a juggle combo withn another S. Terror, use the LK ver. for the most damage.

Combos provided by Tyr List:
Cosmic Heel :df:+:hk: combos
:df:+:hk:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: or :hk: S. Terror (230 damage)
:df:+:hk:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: or :hk: S. Terror–>Super (443 damage)

:df:+:hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xxEX Izuna grab (does 353 damage)
:df:+:hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror (does 277 damage)
:df:+:hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror–>Super (does 470 damage)
:df:+:hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:>Cr. :hk: (Does 272 damage)

Combos off of Cr. :mp:
Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>Cr. :mp:xxEX Izuna grab (does 333 damage)
Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror (does 257 damage)
Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror>Super (does 450 damage)

Combos provided by alexlkd:
Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>:df:+:hk:–>Cr. :hk: (does 407 damage)
Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp: (1-hit)xx:hp: Rolling>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>:df:+:hk:>Cr. :hk: (does 432 damage)
Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp: (1-hit)xx:hp: Rolling>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>(Hold) :df:+:hk:>Super (does 547 damage)
Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>(Hold) :df:+:hk:>Super (does 535 damage)
:df:+:hk:>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror>Cr. :hk: (Does 269 damage)
If you perfom a launcher that tags in Claw, you can follow up with: Cr. :mp:xx:lk: St. Terror>Cr. :hk:
Cr. :lp:~St. :mk:~St. :hp: (1-hit)xxEX Rolling>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>:df:+:hk:>Cr. :hk: (does 335 damage)

alexlkd provided some insight on Flying Barcelona Attack-

More combos by Meteo-

The following was provided by galahand86-
By various users (and me):
Cr. :lp:>Cr. :lp:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>:df:+:hk:>Cr. :hk: (Does 277 damage)

Here are some combos that I’ve tried out and found to do some good damage:
Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror–>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror (Does 379 damage)

Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:~St. :hp (1-hit)xxEX Rolling>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror (Does 440 damage)

Jumping :hp: or :hk:>St. :hp:>Cr. :mp:xx:mk: S. Terror–>Cr. :mp:xx:lk: S. Terror>Super (Does 530 damage)

:df:+:hk:>Cr. :mp:>:hk: S. Terror>Super (Does 443 damage)


Thanks to Gross_Indecency and Eternal Blaze.

The one in this video is insane: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2012/mar/01/clockw0rk-stops-g4tv-show-some-street-fighter-x-tekken-combos/

J.hp/j.hk - cl.sthp - cr.mp- mk.st - CH - ex.fba - izuna two slashes- BHC


Thanks will link that to the first post =)

man I was just gonna add that ex fba to super, good find.
Just want to add that you can loop the FBA as well. Also if you time it right, you can pull off a cr. lp to light scarlet terror.
The highest damage I can get in a team setting seems to be 622 and that is:
jump hp xx cl hp xx cr mp xx m. ST xx Crossover Art. However that may be character specific depending on the partner.
If plan on doing a m. ST xx cr. mp xx h. ST in a combo, if you tag cancel the h. ST the second hit will follow through.

its a waste of meter though, Vega’s meterless combos do around the same damage as the EX FBA ones so its pretty much pointless unless you’re going for flash.

very true but like you said sometimes flash is appropriate lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
A nice punish combo is ex SHC xx cr. mp xx into whatever your fancy.

so the best meterless combo we have atm is 380 damage? not bad

JF HP x cl HP x cr mp x mk ST x CH x cr HK= 407 dmg. Best easy meterless combo

Best meterless is JF HP x cl HP x HP RCF x cr mp x mk ST x CH x cr HK= 432 dmg. Best meterless combo.

Also as for that really long combo in that video above, mine does more damage and requires less meter and is easier to do.

The one above is JF HP x cl HP x cr mp x mk ST x CH x ex FBA x Super. Mine is the same but you don’t have to do the EX FBA. It does 1 more damage and 1 less meter. = 535 dmg. If you do mine but add HP RCF in the beginning then it will do 547 dmg for 2 meter.

good shit, can’t wait til i get the game on friday

I got a combo, not sure if its taken yet, but yeah its.
j.Hp/Hk x St.Hp.x cr. Mp.x St.Hp (base dmg: 282) -> from here you can either:

  1. x into chain Hp. Hp. (dmg: 290 no meter)
  2. x Ex. RCF x cr. Mp x st. L ST (396 1 meter)
  3. x Ex. RCF x cr.Mp chain. Hp. Hp. and combo off partner. (408 1 meter)
    They work anywhere on screen.

First: I don’t have the game and it seems I don’t understand the juggle system a bit. Can’t you do another ST after that CH in the first combo?

Second: You are talking about a combo you call “mine” but you didn’t even write the combo itself???

Is it just me, or are Vega’s combos really hard, even the simple ones? I’m having a lot of trouble with all the charge motions. Any tips?

I just got the game as well, so I don’t know. I’ll try it out later. I’m still trying to find my Vega a partner.

I said that mine is the same but w/o the ex FBA, but if you need it written out it would be this: JF HP x cl HP x cr mp x mk ST x CH x Super

Will add those combos to the first post later but…you can cancel Close St. HP? Didn’t know that, will try it out later.
What does CH mean BTW?

I cannot seem to get enough charge to do the HP RCF when I do “JF HP x cl HP x HP RCF” … Is there a way to charge this?

After 1 day of playing, there are 2 nice combos for Vega that I use

  1. jf.HP, cl.HP, c.mp xx LP RCF
  2. c.LP x 3, c.mp xx LP RCF

What is good about these 2 combos are, the ability for the player to tag Vega out on the 1st hit of RCF (use 1 meter). The tag in character will have enough time to continue the combo on the grounded opponent, which will probably lead to a juggle tag out back to Vega since opponent is grounded.

CH = Cosmic Heel, J.Hp/Hk can link into CH so thats cool for more combos and chain opportunities.

You can cancel the 1st hit of close HP into specials and supers. Very handy for c. MP s. HP chain xx EX RCF -> whatever.

CH usually means “counter hit”, but around here people seem to use it, somewhat confusingly, as an abbreviation for Vega’s Cosmic Heel normal (df+HK).

Vega’s combos are actually pretty easy in the grand scheme of SFxT. The key thing with charge in jump-in combos is that you can’t wait on STARTING it; you have to go to back/down/downback ASAP once you start your jump. Flick up/upforward for your jump and whip the stick back to db to start charging.

Same trick goes for close HP, c. MP xx whatever link combos. Start by holding back when you land to get your close fierce, and as soon as you see the animation begin, whip the stick to db to begin charging.

It can also be kinda tricky sometimes to get ST to come out if you don’t cancel the c. MP, c. MK, etc. fast enough. Speed is key when you get to that point of the combo. Don’t wait around on that cancel (but don’t do it TOO fast or you’ll buffer the move too early and lose your charge).

I was able to do:

J. Hp/hk -> st. Hp -> cr. Lp cr. Mp st. Hp xx ex roll -> cr. Lp cr. Mp xx ex fba

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Hmm, damage wouldn’t be worth it I’m sad to say due to scaling and the Light punches.