Less than free Madcatz SE Buttons, stick

These are the buttons from a standard edition madcatz fightstick.
I’ll give someone 5 dollars to take these crappy parts from me.

Please note - The joystick arrived not working, with a dysfunctional bottom left that sticks even when it’s not in that position. 2 of the buttons are jammed, and they came that way.


You have to send me a picture and description of what you do with these parts. Preferably something arty. The artier, the better. Preferably not putting them to use in an actual joystick.

Disclaimer: Yes, I’m totally serious. Shipping to USA only, unless you pay for shipping yourself.

interesting, i’ll let my gf know she’s the artsy one.

ha. using your gf for gains?

they’d probably be better than the madkatz buttons in my stick, tbh

artsy hmm, must think…

How about a custom joystick birthday cake? A pair of dunks/bapes with a built in game controller? I don’t care, I just want these things gone.

who doesnt now adays?:rofl:

These are those Madcatz buttons.

I may want to mount these in the dashboard of a terrible-looking van. Let me think about how much I hate myself first. :wonder:

I wouldn’t exactly call getting these things a ‘gain’.

“I’m interested in purchasing this vehicle but I have a few questions. Where’s the steering wheel?.”
“Move the stick left and right.”
“How do you go?”
“how about these other 8 buttons?”
“How about you buy the strategy guide like everyone else.”

this is a tough one. i mean there are the obvious things to do, but thinking outside of the box (pun intended) is the more fun aspect.

Lol Awesome,

How about a Joystick Shaped Trophy with a magical golden button (Sprayed) on the top :slight_smile:

(If I finish my stick, and your pad First priority, Ill make it for you :slight_smile: )

My brother will carve character portraits on those buttons.

I’m going to use them in the next norris arcade box, if I can get one that is. I win!

can i just smash the buttons in a vice grip?

I’ll 1up him and smash the buttons with my boots!

I have a hammer to smash with, and I’ll video tape it. Or an Air Chisel, your choice.

Since I’m stuck with my SE as is for a month by the looks of it I could use 2 whites to replace the sticky ones on my 'stick. I know, not creative, but not a waste either!

I’ll make them my SRK avatar