Less then half a year and one of my sanwas is already dieing

Well it’s pretty much as the topic says, modded my SE with sanwa buttons and stick earlier this year and one of them is already intermittantly refusing to respond, I’ve checked that it hasn’t come loose and it hasn’t so I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the button itself that is broken.

Does anyone know a way to fix this or did I pretty much waste my money when I bought the buttons along with my stick?

Thanks for any help. (I used the search function but since sanwa is used in so many topics it only found unrelated stuff)

Did you try changing which key the button is set to? (Like from A to B or something)

Yes, the first thing I did before taking my stick apart was messing with the configuration to see if it had changed itself for whatever reason. (It hadn’t)

No, I mean moving the wires connected to another button to the one that appears to be defective.

you can always order the microswitches. It happens cause one of my button’s microswitch died in less than 6 months of abuse.

Thanks for the suggestion I’m just about to do that now with an ammeter, I’ll edit my post with the results when I’ve done it.

Edit: If it does turn out to be the microswitch does it have to be any particualr type? (I’ve still got my origional SE buttons hanging around somewhere I think)

I’m sorry but a button dying is a pretty insignificant problem, especially after 6 months of heavy use (I assume). Buttns break so yea. Forget about ammeters and stuff, just but a new microswitch or a new button.

I’m sorry about this but I have found the problem and is was an especialy stupid one.

When I checked the connections I had only checked the connections on the button’s end since that was the only one that I had ever touched, the moment I got the ammeter out and grabbed the end of the wire attached to that black set of wire holder things attached to the pcb it pretty much came off in my hand and that was the problem.

I’m guessing I was overdue a bit of 09 stupidity and today it has come, sorry to bother you with that and thanks for the suggestions. (Especialy the wire checking one since that was the one which found the solution even if it wasn’t as intended)

You want Sanwa SW-68 microswitches. SE ones are round & won’t fit (and they’re crap, anyway).

The test is to see if the button works when connected to a different pair of wires, which would indicate that it’s not the button at all but either a PCB or wiring problem (as this one turned out to be).

I was just about to say that it could be the PCB/Wires more than the button itself.

ah ok fair enough.