Lesser known fighting games that deserve a revival

Eternal Champions:

It actually had an interesting plot, far better than most of the nonsense you see in today’s game (a bunch of people have some crazy reason to compete in a tournament, everyone wants this item of power, etc).

The plot involves dead warriors that died before their time and are given the chance to redeem themselves by the Eternal Champion and get a second shot at life.

The best part about this game’s plot is that it allows you to pull ideas from any part of history (there are characters all the way from the Stone Age to the future.) and it all makes sense.

Game like this could really use a revival (ie remake or sequel), the basic premise alone could allow for fresh stuff.

Plus I think the training mode and full bios for characters were miles ahead of its times.


I’ve always said the most important thing in a fighting game is a good background story

What do you mean by revival? Its not ever going to get played at tournaments, or develop a scene but people here do play it and there have been threads about it before. If Sega made a sequel of similar quality I’d be all over that shit. I liked the game and have the Sega CD version but never got into it unfortunately. If someone could list some basic stuff, maybe post a video or two (I can never find any) I’d pick it up again!

Next-gen ClayFighter, please. Without the annoying camera system from the N64 versions.

Shaq-Fu 2!

Slam Masters was fun

like a sequel or a remake. obviously the older a game is the less of a scene it has.

Bloody Roar and Bloody Roar 2, also Tobal No 1.

Freaking AWESOME games for PS2.


BR2: [media=youtube]1-XIC0fU10A[/media]

Tobal: [media=youtube]gPvWk9H1wVs[/media]

Tobal! (PSOne).
That series could’ve really involved into something amazing.

Hey it’s another poorly disguised post-your-favourite/wishlist thread. :lol:

There are so many excellent and amazing new titles, it would be kinda silly to attempt a serious revival of any old games right now. I think any older game that doesn’t currently have a still-active scene should stay dead for the time being. Let’s wait until the next time we have a long period of drought with few or no new releases before we worry about trying to revive stuff.

I’m not even just being a troll like I usually do. I really mean this. I love old games too but this is really not their time. It’s always still fun to muck around in them, though!


Word. JoJo was dope. I don’t think the balance was so hot though.

Post-UMK3 Mortal Kombat deserves a revival, after so many broken games

there IS a Tobal 2, was released only in Japan. One of my all time favorites.



Vampire Savior

its a good game. it has some broken shit, but good luck pulling off most of the combos.

Primal Rage II: For Real This Time, No Takesies-Backsies

Since we live in the glorious future, we can totally clone our own dinosaurs and giant apes to use for the motion-capturing.

Tobal 2
Tobal 2
Tobal 2
Tobal 2

Last Blade 2

Does Bushido Blade count?

If they made a new Brutal game I might have to go furry. I don’t care if it was never even that good.

Yes, I need one of these too!

Woah, woah, wait a fucking minute. Another one of these fucking threads again? We’ve had about 3 of these in the last 2 months FFS.