Lesson: dont pick up girls from myspace

22 gets locked up for 13yr liar

dude should have asked for id when she said she just turned 18 and claimed to be divorced. lol. his dick was clearly doing the talkin on the phone.

Jail time for this is Bull shit MaXX, this broad deserves chili peppers in the snatch!

Sometimes They Arent

say who they are…internet dating works for some…for others…no dice

How do they get caught?
Does she get them to have sex with her and then rat them out?
In the sidelines it said he went to his father but I don’t know if that was pre-trial.
If so, damn that’s fucked up that they would indict him.

Honestly bottom line, motherfuckers need to strongarm birds and make them show their IDs if they meet over the internet.