Lessons learned from Winterbrawl 5

Spooky’s stream for Winterbrawl 5 was awesome. Here’s what I learned from watching the first major for MVC3:

[]Tron’s Gustaf Flame assist is amazing. It’s mostly invulnerable, shuts down projectiles also, and dominates the close game. It also causes very little block stun which makes tick throws easier.
]Haggar’s Lariat assist beats Tron’s Gustaf Flame. Even though Haggar seems weaker overall (though both struggle from the same problems on getting in alone), this may give him a great niche for some teams.
[]Dr. Doom’s Hidden Missiles assist is one of the best in the game. Great for zoning or approaching, and it constantly messes up your opponent’s combos.
]Amaterasu gives Sentinel hell. Great counter character. She’s too small to get hit by :h: lasers and she can Cold Star to keep him back. She can run away if he gets too close, and she has great high/low mixups on him.
[]Dormammu’s giant rolling fireball super is awesome for chipping characters as they tag in. Since they get caught in the air, they can’t X-Factor to negate the chip damage. I saw Noel Brown’s Dorm use the super, XFCancel and use it again to massively chip someone’s last character (and kill them) before they could pop X-Factor.
]Snapback is huge. I saw a few players snapping out the other guy’s point characters to bring in the assists that were giving them hell, like Dr. Doom. It also seems super important against Phoenix teams. At the very worst, you can make them spend meter (2 bars to your 1) to get her out safely, which delays Dark Phoenix that much longer.

What’d you learn?

I learned that everyone sucks at using Dr. Doom and is most likely playing him because of his amazing assists. I tried him out myself, and he really is hard to do well with.

pretty much lol.

I use hidden missles on nearly every team I play because the assist to so so so damn good but I suck at playing doom.

But i figure if I 'm down to just Doom anyway then I fucked up and that’s life.

Don’t make JWong mad.

Seriously now, If I see a team with Doom Missiles I’m snapping him until he’s dead. No way in hell I’m getting punished for punishing something.

Also yeah, snapbacks are extremely important.

i learned: never listen to Justing Wong

Snapbacks probably is the biggest thing from this week end for me too, not just because of phoenix or hidden missiles and stuff, but they take so much damage but recover fairly fast, so there’s certainly a element of trying to keep your assists safe vs trying to bring them in before they recover. Also, meter management.

I learned that noone is using Crossover Counters much except tagging out.

I use Dr. Doom’s assist often, but any character that can’t wave dash has some disadvantage. Not to mention how slow he is.

Well if you were on that stream, Dsp has so many haters its not funny (I really dislike the guy myself)
And Doom Assist is so godlike. People also hated on keits like crazy.

And Ametarasu can’t get hit by Haggar’s Lariat assist on the ground. haha.

Glad to hear more people are using snapbacks more proactively. They’re better in this game than MVC2 since there aren’t many characters which flat out dominate other characters (Sentinel, sometimes).

Also don’t let Shulkie get you in the corner.

He had far more supporters, but What does this have to do with anything?

The hate was so funny it distracted me from the stream itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know I always thought that was all they were good for, but now that you mention it cross over countering into like haggar or something is probably a legit strat. I learnt that outside of justin wong, marvel is completely open to anyone right now.

Anyone else think Sentinel was exposed a bit? I think the number of people using him will drop.

Meanwhile, I think Phoenix and She Hulk have increased in stock dramatically.

the same things this minority of players have been trying to tell this entire forum on dealing with things or strategies.

  • (Keits’) Iron Man’s not so great on his own
  • Sentinel has just as many disadvantages as he has advantages
  • Arthur’s dragon/flame hyper beats tons of shit
  • Wolverine is a beast
  • Don’t underestimate Pheonix
  • It’s any character’s game right now

Dr Doom’s Hidden Missiles assist is bad ass & watch out for Phoenix!

I think Ski said it best that anyone can come out of nowhere and take the top spot and defeat the top players. This is very true.

dat. She-Hulk.

I learned that Justin is crazy with pretty much any character he picks in any game.

And also the snapback thing of course, so many people seemed to sleep on it.