Lessons that playing Fighitng Games Have Taught you

Post some of the lessons that playing fighting games have taught you. Either it be concepts about strategy, life lessons, or simple little believes or saying. Anything that playing competitive fighting games have taught you. I’m really interested in hearing what others have learned to see if I missed anything.

Competitive fighting games have taught me far too much for me to summarize on one little post. For I have gained the whole entire module of success towards competitive fighting games in it’s entirety. I know what it takes, and can break down in great detail what it takes to be the bets and what training to undergo to do such. But I’ll share some of my later lessons.

Sometimes it is not your skill level that holds you back, but your paradigms and beliefs that keep your from becoming greater.
Everybody has a belief or paradigm that keeps them from growing as fast as they can or makes them hit a wall so that they can not improve. Either it be simplistic beliefs of cheapness and fairness, complex beliefs on what true skill is, or mental barriers not forged in fighting games at all that keep you from understanding the truth.
Those who go through all these barriers and learn all the lessons to be learned (or to an extent greater than anybody else in that community of gaming) will become the greatest.

Arrogance is foolish. With arrogance one settles. They are satisfied with their skill thus they don’t thrive to improve. Furthermore, they focus only on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses. Thus it gives the opponent the ability to understand your weaknesses better than you do giving them an advantage. And you never gnat to give your opponent an advantage.

and the last lesson to be learned by me before I retired
Never let your opponent want it more Their are certain situations that makes it easier for your opponent to want it more. Such as in a 3 out of 5 game spread when you are up 2 to 3 or even in a 3 out of 5 round spread when you are up too. You relax more thinking (oh if i lose i can just beat him the next round or letting pressure get off you) when you are up. Thus you allow your opponent to want it more who will fight harder. Or if your the favorite to win the tournament and you beat everybody with ease and you have to fight a not so well known player in the finals.
In these situations they have reasons to want it more, but simply don’t let them do it. Realize that the battle is not over to the last pixel of health is depleted and that goes both ways for when you are winning and when you are losing. Even though they have a reason to want it more it does not matter. For you can control your desires and blindly peak your desire to theirs.

the battle is not over to the lats pixel of health is depleted <-- this is a very basic ones that everybody probably knows
don’t turtle but fight fearlessly. Use the fact that they are anxious and want to get a simple attack out to your advantage. Instead overreactin in fear and thinking of the negative such as you rae going to lose ask yourself this simple and empowering question: How can I come back? This will open up your mind to strategies and set-ups that you KNOW your opponent will fall for and try them.

The brave defeat the cowardice, the fearless defeat the brave, the flawless defeat the fearless
Know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles. Fear manifests itself in second guessing oneself and hesitation. To focused on the emotion of nervousness getting in their way the fearful cowards are defeated easily. For we are what we believe. and fear is nothing but False Expectations Appearing Real. If we think only negatively then we will get negative results, if we think positively then we get positive results. One who is fearless is not limited by the cloak of fear and can fight and think on a level unlike any other. Only through fearlessness can one gain flawlessness. A level where instead of ones skill be inhibited by their negative beliefs they are powered into a level where they can operate at 150% their power and thoughts that are perceived as “genius” to others are simply common sense to you.

and the last one I guess I’ll say for the real hardcore super duper street fighter is my life players out their is
ask yourself the question
What’s more important: Living or winning?
After much contemplation or many hours of thought. Or after a burst of energy you can honestly answer with winning is more important then something happens. You can fight as if were impossible to fail. Fighting as if if you were to lose you would physically lose your life. Devoid of fear and activating your fight or flight response you activate focus beyond focus beyond negative thoughts giving everything you are and everything you ever will be. This question empowers one with determination and flawless ability.

well that’s all I post.

You can get a Max super bar pretty quickly by crouching in the street and doing medium strength punches. It can also get you arrested pretty quickly too and sent to the nearest loony bin. :sad:

That…is all.

If I’ve learned anything from fighting games, it’s that no matter how bad you are, there’s always someone better than you.

it sounds like The only thing you have learned is how you like to conduct yourself in the fighting game world in relation to other players and how they perceive you and seem like a really smart badass who knows ALL the laws of nature and combat!!!

awesome style.


That The Only Limit Is You

I’ve learned that some people learn how to write by playing SNK games and using their Engrish, as shown in the original post.

May I point out that JustOwnin is an adult, schooled in the US, and I know 5th grade Okinawan schoolkids here that type better than him.

I learned that getting good at fighting games is a rewarding…yet time costing investment. I also learned that I have the biggest obsession with 3rd Strike.

That anger can lead to rage which can lead to a stroke and/or heart attack.

I’ve learned to be more self concious about my body odor…DEODORANT PEOPLE!!!

I learned a few things from Marvel. I am crazy and i have slight autism…which would explain long periods of doing the same thing over and over, there for marvel was perfect to get lost in. Before playing it, I decided to look it up on the internet, i saw that there was a real high skill level…I decided to become the best over a few years…oops…I was high all the time, so all i accomplished was some random mashing patterns for 6 months without knowing anything. Weed fucks my shit up…call it a randomizer. To counter this I bought MVC2 for ps2 deliberately playing with the PAD so that I could used Cross training to learn the arcade from a different angle so that my style would grow to be different…

the problem was that i had no real competition and that my style was compeltely based on technical perfection… that is dashing back and forth real fast and shit like that and doing shit strictly based on the fact that i memorized the computer. ok… so I would smoke weed like every month or so because everytime I did it…all of my thinking of how to move would get jacked up… I was actually playing really really good after a while and I eventualy advanced myself through this process of technical repetition and moderate use of weed to find a better way to play.

i went back to the arcade after like a year and a half of playing at home… I had competition at home but they were just freinds who didn’t give a shit. Even though i had some knowledge of the the button layout from playing 3s… I really ended up mashing again and getting beat by the worst people because i was trying to pull technical shit off and rushdown like at home, while i couldnt avoid people dashing up to me and air combing at will. I practiced at the arcade in the morning for a few more months… re-discovered the game also by playing slower…Slower… I had been playing the game like two times fast by drumming the buttons!!! the whole time I was playing this game…like over two years, I was playing the game really 2x/3x faster than i needed too. The next day, by slowing down, I was beating people i had never beat form that point on… there were no mental blocks that only weed could open up, i just learned things right away after that… I started to play less and less , which actually made me better for some reason. i havent played all but a couple times a year but I learned to take it easy, slow down, dont do things obsessively, dont force it. I cant’ give fighting games all the credit for this… but it was definetely the clearest example of what I was doing wrong in a few aspects in life.

Marvel+weed+autism= enlightenment

This is caused from my abiltiy to post what you perceive as really really long posts in a matter of 2 to 5 minutes. I didn’t realize that i posted long posts until I started comparing my posts to the size of others. Basically becaues I don’t slow down and type 100wpm + while posting my thoughts on a forum with no spell check or re-reading my shit comes out bad. Since I understand this I COULD just slow down. But I tried that, and it gets annoying when your fingers don’t move as fast as your thoughts.

Sue me if it’s that bad.

Can’t a brother get props for the content of the message and not the grammer?

I’d rather read a deep epiphany enducing bad spelled document, than a grammer correct boring one.

What I got from your story.

Lessons I already learned:

*When one has no competition one has no way to improve. For one must see the road before the can travel it. Even Justin Wong would not be as good as he was if he lived in Alaska in a land of no competition.

*The Optimal learning state is defined as a serene state of mind. One that is relaxed and alert. One devoid of force and full of flowing. For force works on many things but not on the mind. One cannot force creativity. I’ve known many to smoke weed to get into this state of mind.

*It seems as if even though you were playing less you got better because through tihs state of mind you programmed your subconscious mind towards the goal of getting better, and it did.

remember rustyness is just an illusion. It occurs when they neural synapses that govern playing a game deaden from misuse. In most cases you get rusty from not thinking bout a game over simply not playing it. and becusae you believe you will be rusty it’s a self forfilling prophecy.

But by programming your mind towards development of skill even while you are not thinking about it and not believing in the concept of rusty one can actually get better from not playing the game for long periods of times instead of getting worse.

I anaylze a lot. Wisdom and knowledge is power so try to get as much knowledge and wisdom out of the simpliest of situation, and take head to thers mistakes so you want make them I always say.

I learnt wot it means to be fully into something, nutting stuff out, realli putting your heart into it. And that as long as you really practice (THE RIGHT WAY) and analyse your weaknesses you WILL ultimately get better. You mightn’t be the best, but you would be a force to reckon with.

Too bad i dun do that for my university studies… xD sigh

I’ve learned I have no life and also not to judge a book by its cover, for example - Ash Crimson in KOF '03, Benimaru (one of the most played chars. in XI) and Vega (though I always liked him)

Also dont take the story into gameplay. For example, in MVC2 Thanos could pwn everyone…storyline wise. Other MPS will kill him lol

Don’t Jump.

I’d rather have the best of both worlds. And since you came back to post again, SURELY you have enough time to make that epiphany look way better than it does now. You know, doing it right the first time and all that jazz. Despite what you may think, appearance is usually the first thing that gets you noticed. Looking at that post makes me want to neg you.

Measure ten times and cut once they say. Your right, balance of the two extremes is what brings about the idea. It’s not that appearance of spelling is the first thing that gets noticed, it’s just hte first thing you notice. Reality is subjective and we filter our reailty in differnet ways. I can agree that a lot of people will look at grammer, but at the same time you must agree that alot of people wnat.

I guess next time what I’ll do is simply spell check in OpenOffice, and leave it at that.

Oh and I didn’t come back, i never was a member of this forum.i would simply come to this forum every 6 months o rso and make a long ost about how dope i am Everybody should play to win but at the same time play for fun. Fun for me was posting long posts about how great I am in millions of forums for the sole purpose of guaging responses and to create the unheard of pheonomina of somebody talkin large amounts of shit being good. I didn’t care about the fact that it not only made me look like a douche and since I was the best doa player in america misrepesented the doa community. All I cared was that I got my laughs and had my fun and thats how i did.

now i’m actually planning to be a forum member here.

Yes, I really am the best.

Wait. I knew that even before I started playing fighting games. :confused:

I meant you coming back after the first post, but that works too, I guess.

You don’t always have to play to win, sometimes you just have to play not to lose.