Let go of joystick and it shoots in the opposite direction before going neutral

I’ve noticed that when I let go of my joystick, it shoots off and hits the trigger for the opposite direction, instead of going straight to neutral. It’s like some kind of catapult effect.

My arcade stick is a Madcatz Street Fighter 4 SE with sanwa stick and buttons.
Is it meant to do this, because I only noticed it recently and how can I fix it?

It is called Deflection.
It is normal.

Put stronger Spring if you do not want happen.

Or don’t take your hand off the stick.

Wont a stronger spring mean more deflection?

just installed my jlf back into my mayflash. it does no such thing.

never had a problem like that with my JLF even when it was stock with stock spring…

I had a brand new stock JLF that would deflect, and I imagine that all of them are capable of doing so. Quickly moving it all the way to the side of the gate and letting go was all it took for it to happen regularly.

Of course, that was mainly when I was testing it and paying attention to the output the MadCatz PCB was sending to the PC…in practice the stick would hit my hand or thumb/finger and stop moving before it could engage.

You don’t really let go of it free. When wanting it to go to neutral have your hand catch it to prevent from deflecting. When you catch the stick back you can do other things again.

I have a JLF that does this often, an LS-32 that does it sometimes. Just don’t take your hand off.