What: Double-elimination Singles Tournament for Super Street Fighter IV.

When: Saturday afternoon, December 4th. We will start registration at 12:00PM, and aim to get the party started by 1:00 PM.

857 S Lark Ellen Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

Check the Google Map link here: Google Maps

Entry Fee: $10 (all $10 goes to the prize pool; $0 venue fee)

Payout Breakdown: 70/20/10 to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Event Rules and Format:

  • 6 Xbox 360 setups will be available. Players will be responsible for bringing appropriate adapters and controllers and joysticks. Wired is preferred.

  • All characters are allowed.

  • Best 2 of 3 rounds with 99 seconds for Round Time. No handicap.

  • Pausing during a round may result in that player losing that round. With the guidance of the referee, players may choose to resolve the issue.

  • Winner must stick with his character. Loser of a Game may switch characters.

  • Both players may change Ultras.

  • Any type of threats or violence in the venue will not be tolerated.

  • Once a person pays for the tournament and the tournament has started, there will be no refunds.

  • Any type of inappropriate behavior or misconduct (such as cussing or taunting, acting in a violent manner towards patrons and/or volunteers) will not be tolerated.

  • This event will be capped at 64 players. First-come, first-served.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks for your time and attention.


Add TommyD


Sign Ups

Signed up so far for SSFIV:

  1. BeeJayisCool
  2. TommyD
  3. MexicanRampage
  4. Phaze12490, aka ActionMan
  5. ClutchLikeKobe
  6. xXTOMAXx
  7. Hawk Sauce
  8. Wonder_Chef
  9. Gabriel Art
  10. Starscream
  11. benji
  12. deadbeat
  13. Bren2xT
  14. Binkley
  15. tekniqs
  16. e_med
  17. Kitori
  18. Town House
  19. Blacktastic Nambo
  20. OnlyAlpha
  21. Floatin Sneaker
  22. Big Daze
  23. Stoned Lo
  24. Hugo101???
  25. Binkley
  26. SHBL Tim


Its me thomas Joe! bahahha


Sign me up pls!
Hawk Sauce


Sign me up, I should be able to go.


Sign me up please as Gabriel Art. Thanks!


Dam i still got the name actionman there lol


Awesome!!! Slayer will update the sign ups.


Sign me up as Starscream please.


Starscream on the list. Anybody else?



im down even though im already up there woooooooo


taking you out bj


sign me up as benji plzzzz.thxxxx=)


rofl gutter trash =D


Message received, benji.


sign up deadbeat por favor


deadbeat has been added to the list

For those who may not have an Xbox 360 stick, do know that we will have a MadCatz Arcade Fight Stick TE and a Hori EX2 available for you to use.


I will contribute to this pot! (Binkley)


Glad to have you aboard, Binkley!