Solid turnout for the first GTASF SFIV console tournament.

1st - Noodleman (Gouken/Sagat)
2nd - Gerjay (Dhalsim/Rose)
3rd - YellowS4 (Ryu/Zangief)
4th - CQ (Balrog)
5th - Jay Wang (Balrog)
5th - RPGv2 (Akuma/Fei Long)
7th - Nagata Lock II (Fei Long/Guile/Vega/Chun Li)
7th - JED07 (Guile)
9th - Jiggabry (Ryu)
9th - Psychochronic (Rose)
9th - HIJINX (Ken)
9th - WB! (Chun Li)
13th - Fareed (Zangief)
13th - DaflipmastaXV (Sagat)
13th - Jaske (Ryu)
13th - Crayz Penguin (Ken)
17th - The Iron Shiek
17th - RXS
17th - Bill307
17th - Anigma
17th - Mtran66
17th - Chr0nic
17th - Y2Cloud
17th - Fobhunter
25th - Chipter
25th - Amordien
25th - HeavenlyStriker
25th - C3
25th - Black Noise
25th - DayGhost
25th - nGuman
25th - Javid

1st - RPGv2 (Akuma)
2nd - WB! (Chun Li)
3rd - Jay Wang (Cammy)
4th - Psychochronic (Chun Li)
5th - Nagata Lock II (Ryu/Vega)
5th - JED07 (Guile)
7th - Gerjay (Honda)
7th - RXS (Ryu)
9th - Fareed (Vega)
9th - The Iron Shiek (Honda)
9th - Too Easy (Cammy)
9th - CQ (Balrog)
13th - Fobhunter (Dee Jay)
13th - Amordian (Dee Jay)
13th - DayGhost (Akuma)
13th - RTSD (Akuma)
17th - Chipter
17th - nGuman
17th - Ebonyheart
17th - DaflipmastaXV
17th - Bill307

1st - Zaijin2009 (Chun Li)
2nd - YellowS4 (Dudley)
3rd - HeavenlyStriker (Urien)
4th - Gerjay (Makoto)
5th - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li)
5th - WB! (Ibuki)
7th - RTSD (Akuma)
7th - Mtran66 (Dudley)
9th - Too Easy (Chun Li)
9th - Bill307 (Makoto)
9th - HIJINX (Makoto)
9th - DaflipmastaXV (Chun Li)
13th - RXS (Ken)
13th - Black Noise (Chun Li)
13th - Jiggabry (Ken)
13th - Sliver (Chun Li)

TvC results are pending Mike’s post.

GG’s to everyone. It was a great time. Thanks to POWNZ for hosting.

GGs to everybody, good times. Thanks to Justin for putting this all together and to everybody helping out.

STHD I used (Honda/chun/fei/akuma)

proof positive that online lag owns me.

ggs to everyone. except jay. that guy’s a mother fucker.

ggs to guy i played first round, jaywang, other guy i played, and Josh in 4.

ggs to nam, yang and rtsd in 3s

ggs to vanny and other guy i played in HD

And ggs to c3 i think his name was in casual 4.

I need 4 bad.

1st - RPGv2 (Akuma)
2nd - WB! (Chun Li)


Also, Akuma? Seriously Rey? :rofl:

Who’s Zaijin2009?

I don’t know the exact number of entrants but here’s what i remember:

1st - 730 (Roll/Ken)
2nd - DuranMana (Tekkaman/Ryu)
3rd - Bill307 (Karas/Morrigan, Ryu/Morrigan)
4th - Psychochronic (PTX-40A)
5th - Grungy Hamster (Yatterman-1/Ryu)
5th - Mtran66 (Casshern/Tekkaman)

He used Dee Jay and Fei-Long along the way.

GG’s everyone.

I really liked the setup this time compared to what we had last time. Any comments from you guys?

PS. Rey used Honda vs me in winner’s final, cause he’s cheap like that.
PPS. I need my online lag to win :frowning:

GGS to everyone

Yeah ggs guys. Yo RPGv2, you gotta help me lvl up my Akuma.

TitanD was first (who goes by DuranMana sometimes). He used Karas/Ryu and Tekkaman/Ryu

730 got second

Me, Grungy Hamster, used Yatterman-1 and Polymer.

Just to clear that stuff up.

I agree, having the 2 extra TVs for 3s was great. that was my main concern before coming cuz I didn’t like playing in the back room with no sound. They also changed the area where cvs1 was last time, which was good. Much better than hunching over a side-table

Bill has the official TvC results. I’ll let him post it.

Good shit man getting 5th in sf4 and 3rd in hd remix. PSN represent!

Few thoughts:

  • SFIV tourney was a great time. There was a huge range of talent and characters. The top 4 matches were all great to watch (I really liked CQ vs Gerjay, probably my set of the night to watch). I was honestly thinking of quitting this game already but the tourney made me realize that I should stick with it and better learn Chun Li.

  • It was really great to see The Sauga Crew. It felt like back in the day shooting the shit and playing games together. If we had Marvel games going it would have really been like back in the day.

  • Dinner what honestly one of the most hilarious experiences I’ve ever had. The bets, the side bets, the side bets on side bets. CC Roulette was hype as all hell. I thought it was fitting Silver Spoon got the shaft though. James face after winning the money will keep me laughing for weeks.

Last thought

Brett: The shit you pulled yesterday was the biggest SLAPS in my face I think I may have ever encountered in 8 years of playing competitive SF. First you talk shit ABOUT ME, not even to me, while I was beating Gerjay in a tournament match. I don’t know where the fuck you get off talking shit to me about old school SF. I don’t fucking love the game off like you, Kevin, Jamie or Josh but I’ve been around a long time and I know my shit. You fucking stand there like you’re ST King Shit after already getting smacked up for money to Jamie and not even placing top 3 in the game you love. I literally hadn’t touched STHD since the A&C tournament, completely focusing on SFIV and placed 5th. Don’t ever fucking talk shit on my STHD game. If I gave a flying fuck about ST I’d smack your sorry Wake Up bullshit mash light kick ass into the bottom of the ranking list where you fucking belong you jerk.

Also, you’ve got a lot of fucking nerve looking me in the face and saying “don’t waste my time, you should just forfeit” before our match started. You know how many times I could shove that line down your throat in any other game we come across? How many times have you been smacked the fuck out of CvS2/A3 by me? Do I tell you to forfeit? Do I tell ANYONE to forfeit? You play one game above the level of mashing retard and you want to tell someone to forfeit. You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve kid.

Mike: unfortunately the file you gave me contains only the initial brackets, not the full results. >_<

I can figure out most of the results from it, though.

1st - DuranMana aka TitanD (Karas Ryu, Tekkaman Ryu)
2nd - 7:30 (Roll Ken)
3rd - Bill307 (Karas Morrigan)
4th - psychochronic (PTX)
5th - Grungy Hamster (Yatterman-1 Polymar)
5th - Mtran66 (Casshern Tekkaman)
7th - Javid (Jun Morrigan)
7th - Sliver or Andrew or RXS?
9th - Gerjay
9th - Ebonheart
9th - Sliver or Andrew or RXS?
9th - Sliver or Andrew or RXS?


  • To the organizers: thanks for running a great event. The seating was much better organized this time, and I’m thankful POWNZ let us use that one area for 3s.

  • DuranMana + 7:30 + Javid: You guys got waaay better since last month. It’ll be great having more serious competition in TvC. The three things that impressed me the most were:
    (a) The way you guys use assists. (And Gerjay, too.) Frankly, everyone in Waterloo sucks at using assists, myself included. :looney:
    (b) The way you guys handle Karas, especially 7:30: it felt like I’d actually do better against you using Ryu Morrigan instead.
    © 7:30 beasting with Roll. And the nice variety of characters that you guys used in general.

You guys give me hope that Karas doesn’t have to be on ones best team in TvC. :wgrin: Oh, and we should definitely exchange contact info and organize some TvC casuals.

  • Gerjay: It felt like you got a lot better since the last time we played, too! Or maybe I just never fought your non-Karas team before. Imo you win the award for best assist user. I think if you had more experience vs the cast (Karas, Yatterman, Ken, Jun, Roll, etc.), then you’d have a really good shot at getting 1st. I’m just lucky I got a lot of casuals in before the MM and the tourney, 'cause all the new stuff out of Hamilton was raping me at first. (In addition, FWIW, I got OCV’d repeatedly by Wilson’s Yatterman when he first started using him here in Waterloo.)

  • Brett: PTX is beastly. :wink: It just sucks that some characters counter him really well with keep-away, command grabs, and/or space lariats. (And the giant-only infinites, which no one has bothered to learn. :razz:)

  • All other TvC entrants: I don’t think I got to fight anyone else very much. I remember I fought Grungy Hamster in casuals because he picked Yatterman, a character that used to give me nightmares. :looney: (Congrats on getting 5th, btw. :tup:) Anyway, thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully we can all meet up for TvC casuals sometime. TvC Canada UNITE!

SFIV was so much fun this time around. I think I’m going to have nightmares for a week, and this time instead of them being of Gief doing c.lp, c.lp, s.hk and me jumping like a retard at Jaywang’s place against Jay, its gonna be of me getting low countered from full screen (me doing a mid move btw) and taking 25% hp at the start of a match, multiple times in a row. Gouken makes me sad, especially since I don’t think he’s that good of a char.

Anyways, ggs to all, definitely gs to Nam for beating me with dudley madness.

PS - CQ is the future.

lol I did face you once, but I used like…Viewtiful Joe and Ryu I think. I didn’t want to use my real team in casuals before the tourney. I was hoping to fight you with my real team after, but we were running late and getting restless. Hopefully we can fight before or at the next tourny with real teams. :tup:

Yeah, I’m not into this game enough to go out and play casuals for it right now. Sucks, I see a lot of potential in it, but I just don’t have enough will to keep up :stuck_out_tongue: You guys keep playing though…

This tournament was a great experience for me. Met new ppl, made new friends and we all just chilled and played some good games.

Thanks a lot Justin (Nagata) for hosting this, it went really well and you’re a hell of a player. Hopefully there will be time next tournament to play more than one match so I can learn some new things.

Jay Wang + CQ, your rogs are beastly, they were awesome to watch. Hopefully we can play so I can learn a few things and have a beastly rog of my own :slight_smile: Thanks so much for driving me there and back Jay Wang, can I ride with you everytime we can both go?

I didn’t get to talk with all of Sauga, but u guys are bomb haha funny group of ppl, hopefully we’ll talk more next tournament. Shoutouts to Teddy!

Thanks a lot Jay for the advice u gave me, since you live so close, hopefully we can meet up once in a while to play.

Shoutouts to Team Hammer + Fareed + nGuman, u guys are awesome ppl. More matches are required.

To everyone else… GGs and i’ll b back March 28th.

Was a LOT of fun.

Was my first tourny, and even tho I got my ass kicked on both SF4 and STHD, I still had a lot of fun and learned quite a lot.

Most important thing I learned is that Online Ranked is not a legit way to see how good you really are, you have to actually be there.

Look forward to the next one, and this time I’ll just use the controller instead of the stick, since I can’t play stick for shit. lol.

GGs to Teddy and James.