Let the beat drop! The Official Hip-Hop/R&B thread

Hey Guys,
Thought I’d make this thread for anybody looking for some quality music. The way I hope this goes is just someone just leaves a link of the song via youtube or other sources such as livemixtapes or something and leave something they like about the song.

I’ll go 1st and leave Drake’s newest single, Girls love Beyonce. Has a really nice beat and message.

It is really about time

Ah this is cool!

My boys just put me on to this group, dudes are NICE! They are on this kung-fu kick with all their shit, but…its gangsta at the same time…
Yo check this joint out and TELL me it aint hot.

I’m hearing this DMX dude is kinda hot also.

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They won’t make it

That dude that was in Cradle 2 The Grave and Romeo Must Die? He can spit?

Yea I just heard of Wu-tang a few days ago, that dude U-God is nice with the bars. Obviously the best member of the squad, I’m surprised he doesn’t have more solos.

I’m tellin you, they are gonna be the FUTURE. They are for the kids son!

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Yeah ball players want to be actors and actors want to be rappers.

You guys are seriously missing out on the greatest lyricist of all time…ALL TIME!!!



Check this new cat out. I smell BIG things from him in the future.


Nah son; greatest rapper of all time?




So cold in the D

Sooo, I heard this new LP Illmatic was pretty tight, but it’s only 10 tracks? I’m good…

there’s a new group about to drop this album called ghetto dope. i think they’re called un-limited.

Here’s a song by a new artist named Action Bronson. He’s pretty dope if you ask me.

It’s been quiet, so here’s a pretty cool song: