Let the flaming begin! Am I the only one who liked the Spider-Clone saga?

ok ok ok. I know like 99.999% of the people out there hated the Spider-Man clone saga story line. I don’t know why, but I thought it wasn’t that bad at all. It added more drama, a little bit more spice in the story line. And when Peter Parker found out he was the “clone”, come on, we all knew that it was a lie, but still people protested to it. It was a story set up to bring back the Green Goblin in major way! I thought it was pretty cool to see Kane there and everything. Your thoughts, flame me for all I care. Just don’t blame me if you find yourself banned :rofl: ! J/K!


let it be known that I hate you

Aunt May’s death scene was good. That’s the only nice thing I can say about it.

Peter Parker turning out to be a clone wasn’t a lie at first. It was an excuse for Marvel to undo the marriage, let him have a baby and lead his own life while Ben Reilly took over so the writers could have their young and single Spider-Man again. It turned out to be a lie because none of the fans supported it and this caused Spider-Man and MJ’s baby to disappear.

But no, you are not the only one who liked the clone saga. Me, I hated it, but on other forums I’ve seen people like it, I even saw a poster who goes by Ben Reilly before.

If it makes you feel any better I am the only person who liked Maximum Carnage. :rofl:





you know pryde, there are times when i hate you more than usual. this is one of them

I thought the Clone Saga was killer. One of the only Spider-Man story arcs that I’ve actually managed to remember over the years.

does it count as a troll if a mod baits people into flaming?

The clone saga wasn’t as bad as people make out.

All that Ezekiel and ret-conning his origin was far worse.

oh clone saga itself wasnt bad its the rediculous aftermath that continued for the next decade.

ben’s non hobo costume is still one of the better spider-man costumes to run through that series.

Peaople liked it? Are you serious? have you all forgotten Spidercide already???

SPIDERCIDE!!! Lolz, I thought he was funny as hell. Maximum Clonage ftw! ok, it wasn’t the greatest story, but I still don’t think it was a bad story. Given that I do remember now that Marvel wanted to kill the real Peter Parker off (thx for the reminder Sano, I vaguely remember reading it in Wizard), it was still a great way to reintroduce Green Goblin back. The Onslaught story line where both were in it was good. Damn, I think I’m gonna go back in my box and start digging up the old issues.


mainly because i love arcs that mess up everything and the clone saga was BOOM

God, the clone saga was such ass. SUCH ASS. Has anyone ever seen the extended edition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Remember the scene in which everybody in the entire film is yelling, “GET ON WITH IT!” That was what it was like to read the clone saga. Just contrivance after contrivance after contrivance. It’s like watching an episode of Smallville and seeing the writers continue to shoehorn Lana into every single plotline, even though her character outlived its usefulness four seasons ago. How long can you cling to something that barely passed for entertainment in the first place? Yeah, they briefly got their unmarried, un-babied Spider-Man back and kinda-sorta-not-really went back to the character’s glory days, but what’s done is done. You can’t expect to regress the character like that unless you’re going to do a full-on reboot, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have messed with the basics that much in the first place. And oh, all the artificial suspense! All the agonizing over who was a clone and who wasn’t might fly on a soap opera, but… well, I guess most mainstream readers probably don’t have more discriminating tastes, so never mind that. But for me, it was all perfectly summed up in the terrible final episodes of the 1994 television series: the Ben Reilly Spider-man shows up and explains a massive swath of the clone saga in only one line. “I’m a clone. Or he’s the clone. We’re not sure.” BAM. It took that long. Nice.

Uh, everybody is entitled to their opinion, of course.

Please don’t ban me.

hahahahahahahahahaahaha, BANNED! j/k! I guess I’m just easily entertained. I dunno, I’ll find out when I start reading the clone sage again some time soon.

Why would you do that to yourself? It’s like getting raped, returning to the attacker’s house the next day because you forgot your wallet, and then bending over to pick it up in front of him. YOU’RE ASKING FOR WHAT COMES NEXT!

haha Adam. I know I’m asking for it, I just thought I would brew up something. As I said, I’ll see what the hell I was thinking when I read it. I’m pretty easy to please when I read comics. At first that is, but when I re-read it again, sometimes I get thrown off and…then I’ll realize.

I hate you, Pryde. How can you like something like that? Man, you and maxx are in league with each other. Clone Saga was garbage. It was cool when they first faught in like, the 70s. But fast forward to the 90s, and you’re like “Yo, why is this nigga back?”

Shit was just horrible. For this thread, I hope the Patriots and Red Sox bomb horribly.

While Marvel typically doesn’t acknowledge the clone saga there have been a few nods to it this year, so you may want to check out Sensational and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. FNSM much more so. Their runs are kind of over for the most part so maybe you’d want to check out the TPBs.

In Sensational there was a storyline where people were given drugs so they could fake Spider-Man’s abilities for a short time. When their powers wore off these people got thrown in jail. In one jail cell you saw people wearing every Spidey outfit you could think of, including Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider outfit! :rofl:

Oh and in FNSM, to make things short in Marvel after Civil War heroes now have to register their identities with the goverment. The law knows most of their human identities already so they now have fake human identities. Peter Parker now teaches at Midtown High School wearing a different human outfit and he calls himself - BEN REILLY! He was teaching their as Peter Parker but as far as the Principal knows, Peter Parker quit and Ben applied for his old job (too keep students safe since the entire world knows his identity now). The Principal said something along the lines of, “I really miss Peter Parker, there will never be another one like him. I wish we could clone him.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe you guys can help me. My first Spidey comic was from the clone saga. It had a stupid gold or silver cover, and all I remember is Spider-man watching Ben Reilly in an apartment with MJ. Then he realises " I’m the clone! " lightning strikes and it starts raining. That’s all I remember. I would really love to read that one again.