Let the flaming begin! Am I the only one who liked the Spider-Clone saga?



Lol it took place around the 400s. Why are you asking any of us to reread that again. :looney:

Uh, he didn’t?

Bringing back Norman Osborn was one of the worst decisions ever. Well that’s not true, Thunderbolts at least made him a cool character again. But the whole I’m the one responsible for **all ** the terrible things that has occurred in Spidey’s life. Bullshit.

As for the whole Clone Saga it was pretty messy, Who’s a clone. This one is the clone, no it’s the other one. Oh and Carrion being a clone of Peter or of Warren or someone else. Judas Traveller = crap. Oh at least it had good art by Mark Bagley.

See Pryde no one cares about mods around here or any of our threats. I’m told I don’t know what I’m talking about constantly. Hell when I got this gig Carpent Lint told me straight up “Fuck you and your rules sano!” It’s a good thing I lost my mind years ago thanks to reading a lot of comics published during 1990-1999 otherwise I’d be crying myself to sleep every night instead of laughing like an insane mad scientist most of the time. :tup:

I’ll admit, when I was a little kid, I actually kind of liked Ben’s costume. No, not the altered Spidey costume (which was cool as hell, though), but the Scarlet Spider costume, with the plain red leotard and the… whatever you call the not-quite-a-hoodie thing that he dug out of the trash somewhere and spray painted a spider on.

In my defense, shit like that is cool when you’re a little kid. I thought the costume designs in Mortal Kombat were cool too. Put a white guy in a black body suit and safety pin a few yellow towels together, and voila. Scorpion.

I thought the clone saga was terrible…

…but I liked Ben Reilly. I also liked the Scarlet Spider costume.

the Scarlet Spider costume was pretty dope. I mean it was sorta simple and it had this hoodie on it that made it kinda look “ghetto” in a sense, but hey what did you expect? it was different from the original and it made him different. that’s why I liked it. but Carrion being a clone of spider-man? I don’t remember that…unless you’re talking about Kaine…

Adam Warlock speaks for me in this thread. Goodbye.

second scarlet spider costume…the one spider-girl rocked is top tier.

first one is hobo tier.

Thank you for a new sig.

Anyway, the Spidey Clone saga is the reason I stopped reading Comics…so, yeah I guess that shows what side of the fence I’m on regarding THAT…

i hope the pats get caught cheating…again.

sano doesn’t know what he’s talking about

I honestly thought the revelation that all this time, Peter was the clone and the true
Spider-Man lost the fight way back when was awesome. It was really something that
shook you to the core.

Naturally Marvel pussed out.

Well if it’s any consolation outside a few choice titles Marvel Comics is as horrible now as it was then some 13 years ago. Some things never change.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Kane was pretty beastly, I wouldn’t mind if they found a way to bring him back without bringing back all the clone shit.