Let the money matches begin - Bringit.com


Has anyone used this website during the beta? I did not know about it until today. Please give your thoughts on the process and if it was worthwhile.

  • Pete

This explains a lot.

I received a wristband and t-shirt with this site’s logo at a Columbus tournament a little while ago. Never bothered to check out what it actually is.

Also, now that I think about it, I’ve seen people actually ask for SF4 MMs with this. :rofl:

Oh, it’s already been brung!

That’s dumb. How are you supposed to take scrubs money who are on tilt? One of the great things about poker is when you’re just sitting at a heads up table and some donk comes in who’s on tilt from whatever, puts his entire roll on the table, and gives you his money lol.

Interesting. I’m on there now. No SF4 tourneys on the ps3 coming up anytime soon. :confused: