Let Us Discuss This Living Nightmare Known As 100+ Orgasms A Day


…100+ orgasms a day. For no reason what so ever.

4:20 I fucking DIED. Dead to the world.

This is a problem? Fuck it, just learn to hide it better. How strong are these orgasms? Hell, I look at people and jerk off while staring at them all the time, it’s how I get through the day.


How filthy are his undies???


This real? This nigga really bust 9 nuts at his dads funeral? Fucked up man, he takes his O like a bitch as well, like lil kid spanking the monkey for the first time groans.

Dude sounds like the RL less surreal version of this shit.


Is this for real? I shouldn’t laugh, at least he doesnt jizz everytime, that would be even worse.

edit: Damn he gets 4 hr boners, sometimes has 30 erections a day.

Theres a woman that has 50 orgasms a day too.


sounds like she’s entering another plane of existence at the start there. I want to own every chair in her house.

I wonder what happens if she meets him?

I’d love to have a bitch constantly cumming around the house. So long as she isn’t bitchy.


Million has the same condition…except his is actually based on lust and other creepy tidbits.


What upsets me the most, is that I have to work my ass off for all those orgasms each day, and this chump is whining over a flood of freebies.


Holy shit. I’ve been awake for all of twenty minutes and I almost busted a gut. This poor son of a bitch. Nine O’s at his dad’s wake? Jesus tap dancing Christ . . .




I won’t have what he is having


This man got an Oprah ep in his pants. “You get Orgasm! You get an Orgasm!”


Ofcourse! it all makes sense now



Oh you laugh now.
But wait until you can’t go anywhere without being a pervert.
Have fun getting boo’d out of a movie theatre
Have fun getting thrown out of the zoo.
Have fun going to jail over a misunderstanding at a public park/swimming pool.


Wait, it’s not an Onion post?


In all seriousness I wouldn’t want to be this guy. Having too many orgasms actually does have some pretty detrimental side effects after a while. Also if it’s too frequent it loses that edge


not that i would know or anything

Nature called, it wants to have phone sex.


im trying to figure out, he busts 100+ nuts a day, and in some of parts of the film you clearly see his shirt tucked into his pants… that dosnt sound like a smart idea


I dont really give a fuck about some guy bustin’ a nut every thirty seconds…I just want to see a picture of that chick in your avatar without the black bar.


How does he not dehydrate himself?


Guess he goes camping alot.


I sentence this man to death by snu sn…sees his condition…oh


Didn’t some lady kill herself not too long ago because she couldn’t handle it? I guess there are people that can’t even orgasm?
Today when I was on my bike, I tweaked my back doing a head check for lane crossing and immediately thought about this thread.


Jesus Christ. I’m depleted after just 15 orgasms on a lazy Saturday, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like popping off 100+ of them every single day. I feel so sorry for this dude.