Let Us Rejoice! Tobal #2 will be available for PC download!

I have it available for PC…who wants in???

Edit: I am uploading the game right now!!!

OMFG this game is the fucking juice…I LOVE IT!!!

Edit: It sure is…I’m playing it right now…LOL!!!

:wgrin: :hitit: :tup: :rock: :karate:

If there isn’t a thread for this game…THIS WILL BE IT. For years I have searched and searched and NOW I have it…and want to share it with u all…because I heart u bastards…LOL!!!

POST right fucking now!!!

Mark is broken.

Well I watched a couple match vids and this game has a lot of potential. Some people have said this > Tekken.

I’m completely lost, like I picked the main character and the system is weird as fuck but I love it. Juggles are someone different from what I’m used to doing but all I need is to hear someone say I want this game…and I’m going to upload it immediately for everyone to download.

You’re happy? Great. Now edit the thread title. No profanity in titles Webster…

Now you know the deal. Hook me up.:looney:

I think this chicken is on to something!

I have never played this. Hookup plz?

Gahahaha…I forgot about SRK rule 101. Thanks for the slap on the ass…no homo…:rofl:!!!

I’ma hook u all up. This game is SUPER UNDERRATTED!!! But that will change…hopefully.

I’d probably draw a bigger crowd with online play…I’m working on that now!!!

anyone with the word digimon in their name deserves to get banned

I beg your pardon…


It’s a computer version, or is it just some prepackaged PS1 emu with settings to run it?

Hook it up somehow, pm if you can’t post a link.

You must hurry up, my friend.

Is this shit even allowed?

you bout to get banned son!

Not until he’s bringing up somthing really quick

About me being banned…

I haven’t linked anything ban worthy nor did I say that I have roms (this game doesn’t even support a rom or whatever…lol) or any of that crap…lol!!!

All I said was that I have the game on PC and it WILL be available for download soon.

It’s my game, I own it…so there is NOTHING I’m worried about.

The worse possible situation is that this thread may be closed. But people are participating in it…and there is NO OTHER THREAD LIKE IT!

I used the search engine this time…lol!

This is a fighting game. And we should hype it up…

NO HARM DONE!!!:tup:

Oh and one more thing…the original game had been long discontinued and is no longer in print…LOL! So there is no way to purchase it as far as I’m concerned…unless someone bought it and is dumb enough to sell it.

Case in point!

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean Square doesn’t still you know like own that shit. :rolleyes:

Fighting games with ADVENTURE MODES!



1. Discussion on how to acquire illegal copyrighted material(roms, bootleg movies, albums, games, torrents of currently available DVDs) will result in an immediate ban. That includes posts consisting of “PM that shit down” and the like, providing links, etc.


Give me a reason not to ban/close this thread? If I were to follow SRK’s rule to the letter right now, obviously OP is banned, and Rhymthic would be banned for asking “PM that shit down.”.