Let's assume it's SF5's Release Day - What will you do for the first few hours?

I’m probably gonna look at the Settings and Options, setup my control scheme, look through different modes, maybe try a couple of trials, and dive deep into the Story Mode

How about you guys?

I will work untill 17.30

Or is monday/friday and i will pretend to work (smartworking ftw)

I’ll do a few trials with each character and immediately play the story.

I managed to get that day off of work. So first, after settings and options, I’m gonna go to training and play with Chun-Li for a bit, then jump right into story mode.

Play a few online games with Chun, stream for a while with Chun, then go play offline for a while with Chun.

Bitch about Ryu nerfs on SRK.

Fool around with Bison, FANG, Vega, Chun-Li, and Necalli for about an hour then finish story mode. After that I’ll probably write an essay and post it in the story thread. :smiley:

Do like me, bitch about Ryu nerfs on SRK in advance

Go into training mode and brace for the worst and hope my mains weren’t nerfed.

Training mode to see what changed and than story mode.

Training mode with Dic and Ken.
Story mode
character trials
head online with my fundamental basic ass Ryu for a week or two before I unleash psycho power on the world.

Look up R.Mika porn.

I work that day sadly, but I’ll most likely do what everyone else seems to be doing which is just tweaking settings followed by story mode.

Story mode, hyperbolic time chamber, petition for dudley and makoto/andore hugo

Destroy my friends with Vega.

For you guys the day street fighter 5 comes out will be the most important day in your life. But for me… it will be Tuesday. ((serious answer: hopping straight to story mode, getting that out of the way and then ranked all day)).

lol story mode

Wow, you’re gonna set up your control scheme! Next you’re gonna tell me you’re gonna navigate through the menus and select an option! GOSH! So exciting!

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