Let's ban Akuma from SRK casuals(HD Remix thread)

That’s it, as simple as that, there’s always an akuma player in SRK casuals, i know it’s a rule for tourneys but we must get rid of that rat once and for all.


  1. Good luck enforcing that.
  2. Its casuals, how much do you really care?
  3. Its online. and refer to number 2.
  1. thanks lol
  2. because isn’t fair, Akuma has a huge advantage and he is broken as u know, sometimes everything is doing fine until someone plays as akuma.

I know there’s a lot of random scrubs using akuma as the ultimate weapon, but come on, someone has to do something, i hate to see my main defeated by a scrub.

Goddamn it i’m frustrated! lol

A jumping fb-thrower Akuma is a nightmare.

i had no problem playing him when he wasn’t banned but afterward i stopped

umm i think it’s just between people who hookup on this forum, sounds like a good idea

If we’re gonna start banning stuff, let’s start by banning scrub-talk. People complaining about throws are annoying and don’t belong on SRK (DJ Reign).