Let's be honest about SF4 for a minute


It’s weird that you feel that way about the combos that existed in previous SF games, but maybe I’m just old and this is what the newer people want, but every other SF game before this one had the potential to do something that would take you TONS of practice. When I play SF4 I don’t see much of that. The game was clearly meant to be just like SF2, but it looks like they don’t want any advanced stuff in it. Name any of your favorite Street Fighter game and somewhere in it is some crazy stuff (it’ll have a term unique to the same) that tournament players end up mastering and casuals never look into. Historically Street Fighter has ALWAYS had something like that. When I say that it’s not as geared towards a tournament following I say it because there’s not as much new stuff to learn in this as there was in the past when an SF came out.

I play sf4 for kicks sense it’s new, but damn the shit is so user freindly, the mechanics are fucking terrible to take seriously.

What you think about SF4 mechanics?