Lets Be Real: A Tekken Evo discussion thread


Is the Dualshock 3 controller shenanigans the real reason behind Tekken not returning to EVO?

Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment

I’d say the reason is that no one shows up for Tekken tournaments.
You bet the game would’ve been at Evo if 128 people would’ve signed up for SoCal regionals.

I don’t get why BlazeBlue is there though.
The game is broken and the community brings even less people to tournaments than Tekken.
The whole thing is rubbish if you ask me.

I hate how this separates the community even more and damages the popularity of 3D fighters.
Many people who are really good at 3D fighting games and suffer from the lack of tournaments at least had the glimmer of hope of winning an Evo one day.
Now a lot of competitors probably think to themselves: “Well, what’s the point of playing a game where I can’t really compete? Better pick up AE or Injustice…”

Lots of people including me pick up one game or another because they saw some amazing games from Evo and want to learn more about the game.
Last years Tekken top 8 were amazing, so I’m sad to see it going this way this year.

You can’t really blame Evo though, since the number speak for themselves.


I believe Persona 4 had about as many at evo last year as Tekken did. Anime got thrown a bone for that kind of support, why shouldn’t Tekken?


I don’t see a productive conversation taking place on a forum that 0.004% of the Tekken community posts on. This forum already has an extreme 2D bias to begin with, and historically has been that way. You may want to hit up the FB Tekken community for better feedback and thoughts on this particular subject.

Don’t get it twisted though, Evo is a money making venture. It’s not about what game is deserving and all that jazz. It’s about what will bring in more $$$… not supporting the FGC as a “whole”. From there, you question on what you really care about/value as a player and then make your choices to attend based on the notion of your game preference vs their line up.

I won’t be attending Evo this year for only the 3rd time since it began, it’s kida saddening. But the driving force behind that wasn’t completely the lack of games I play, it was more about it also being off-strip, which is a total buzz kill for my posse and I.


I too feel saddened by this…I love Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and grew up with both Tekken and Street Fighter, and seeing TTT2 go away this year like this just hurts. I hope the community still continues to be going strong though. Tekken is an enjoyable game to watch


Yeah because there isn’t a monorail that goes to the strip for $5 or taxis or anything like that, right? I love it when people give fake excuses.


And yet theyre doing 2 Super Turbo tournaments that weekend. Its awesome BlazBlue is an official game. I dont think the newest BB is broken at all compared to earlier ones especially. I see competitive matches against people at UFO all the time.

The Tekken players should have come out more for TTT2 last year, it had one of the 2 lowest turnouts. Still, they had a very enjoyable tournament to watch, and not just because Bronson got to grand finals. Hell, I dont know why Injustice is there, the game seems pretty dead. KI shouldnt be there, itll have the lowest turnout and be like XTekken last year. Hopefully they dont hook up Kinects and have random people yelling, “XBOX OFF! YES!” KOF is huge internationally and brings the hype just as much as marvel minus regular pro US players doing it.

If Nintendo doesnt allow Smash to be streamed, then I think the best course of action is to let Tekken take its spot. Hopefully this will spark more fire into the community and get the game more numbers around the US and world.


Don’t think Tekken will have a good turnout even if it was used as a replacement.
The community is so dead and there’s only a handful of decent content producers.

Just take a look at TekkenZaibatsu that site is ancient and barely active, or try to find a local Tekken community outside of SoCal or Korea/Japan,
I can’t find anyone in my country, no problem finding SF4 players though.


What? It is pretty inconvenient to me, and having to take a monorail or cab instead of walking out a door of the hotel to do things on stip in between Evo shit IS A PAIN IN THE ASS! Especially when you multiply that x20 etc because we all like to duck in and out of Evo events while doing Vegasy things… and I said that is one of several factors, including complete lack of games I play in this year’s lineup. Sorry my reasoning was too"fake" for you…

But I love when organizers post like they are butt hurt over one person’s choice, it’s a good look.


28 entrants for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at SoCal Regionals according to a guy who got retweeted by Aris.
By comparison fucking Divekick has 30 entrants.

So pointless making Tekken a main event at Evo when nobody, including the competitive community, cares about playing the game.

As far as I know MarkMan is gonna make a Tekken side tournament happen at Evo.
That’s all we can ask for with this kind of “support” from the “fans”.


As a member of the Tekken community I’m not all that mad that Wizard excluded it from the line-up. I see EVO primarily as a 2D/Capcom event and Tekken, SC, VF, and Smash being there is kind of a added bonus to the main attractions (SF and Marvel). Final Round is THE tournament for Tekken.

What I do have a problem with is that half-assed, bullshit excuse Wizard used as the reason to exclude Tekken. “With this being the 20th anniversary of the Tekken franchise, I THINK they MIGHT release a new game this year because they couldn’t possibly pass this up.” Nothing has even been HINTED at so far this year as far as a new Tekken (main series) is concerned. Harada has already said that they are very secretive with Tekken’s development (TxSF should show this as outside of like 2 pics and a 7 second video clip there’s been nothing else released).

All he would have had to say is “Hey, TTT2 didn’t pull the numbers that I/the EVO staff thought it would, so we’re excluding it from this year.”

It probably wouldn’t, but the community isn’t dead. As far as TZ is concerned, Facebook (Kor’s Tekken Academy) crippled it pretty hard, but it’s still active is certain sub-forums and is THE place to go online for information about Tekken. You just have to read.

Umm. NorCal, Texas, STL, Tennessee, Atlanta, Florida, NYC, Virginia, Boston, Maryland, and Ohio (I’m sure I missed a few) all have active scenes. Just because the only exposure you have to the game is WNF, when Aris/Rip streams, the Green Arcade stream, and the occasional Mastercup video doesn’t mean the game is dead everywhere else. Hell the most recent Tekken major in the U.S. (KiT) took place in Tennessee at the end of January.

KoF and Melee only have 35 and 36 respectively, but nobody seems to be saying anything about that.

It’s a safe bet to say that the majority of Tekken players are concentrated in the Midwest, South, and East Coast, so somebody not being able to travel is understandable. Again: just because it’s not at Evo (as a main game) and a West Coast tournament has low early registration numbers doesn’t mean everybody stopped caring.


I dont know man, I live in Austin and if the biggest fighting game tournament was happening in San Antonio Id make sure Id go with a friend even though I dont have a car. You really dont have an excuse to not be there at least to hangout and rub elbows with the proplayers. You could even go to the BYOC area and play the games you like and meet new friends.

Just seeing someone who lives in the Vegas area whos on this site say they dont want to go because of those things makes me a little peeved. I mean, you live around Vegas anyway, you can do Vegas stuff any other weekend of the year.


What in the fuck are you even talking about man? Up your reading comprehension game. The complaint is that Evo is not on the strip and requires on to take “a cab or monorail” to do anything on said strip. I live in freaking Buffalo, NY… not exactly a hop, skip and jump to Vegas.

I’ve also been to Evo 10 times and have supported the FGC 100x more than all the “players” who will post up in this thread combined… so get off your little soapbox, take your obvious Mr. Wiz nuthugging somewhere else and keep my damn name out of your mouth when spewing ignorance on an epic fail level like you just did now.


I love how quick you are to pull this out of your ass without presenting any facts.
EVO always caters towards the players. You must be among the guys who also claim that Big E pulls out 30k or 40k a tourney.
Fuck outta here with your conspiracy theories.
The numbers speak for themselves, if Tekken was a force to be reckoned with in terms of presence with their numbers then it would be there. The same happens with Skullgirls. Everyone cries about how it isnt in the lineup bu they never even show up to their tournaments. Look at smash, its a 12 year old game but they show up and support their game so they have a spot waiting to be greenlit by Nintendo. Fuck outta here with that stupid conspiracy attitude of yours.
EVO is a community tournament, or no wait, it brings in millions of dollars that Wizard is pocketing to go watch the Broncos, and they only host Smash for the $$$$ not because their community actually supports and it shows in their numbers. Oh and pulling that information right of my ass is a completely valid statement…

Grow up…


9_9 Here comes the out of context quote snips!

I must now present fiscal numbers never released to the public to back up a comment I made about Evo! And now I am an enemy of Big E, a long time friend of mine, also! Because some SRK fanboy came in here and told me to ‘grow up’…

I came in here originally to state, that talking about Tekken here would be pointless, made a side comment of me not attending this year because it will feature zero games I play and it being off strip pushes it past the scale of convenience I am willing to tolerate, in terms of what I LIKE TO DO when I attend Vegas events.
Sure, I made a comment about Evo being a money making venture, because it is… and we can do this circular internet argument shit all day. I don’t have evidence, right? Well show us your evidence homie! Show us all the money and sacrifices being made in the name of Evo from Wiz and the Cannon’s pockets vs how much they get out of it! I’d love to see it, since you wanna fucking make a point about it! I sure as fuck didn’t care before, and still don’t. It was just a comment I made earlier and my opinions on it.

But yea, I am the one that needs to grow up… right? With awesome posters such as JD and OrochiDemon it’s a wonder no one likes posting on SRK anymore. Time to peace out of this soon-to-be circle jerk thread, truly sorry to have bothered to express an opinion other than “Evo is just fucking great every time always”!