Let's Bring Back Image Mishmash Back to it's Former Glory


This place is dead, and it’s because of the way the forums are layed out on the main page. I want the media section to moved further up the page or have the Strategy Zone section collapsed.

Show some support


Fight da powa! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s absolutely nothing like it used to be


What can we do? We should brainstorm ideas!

Improvement Idea Submissions:
*Let's Bring Back Image Mishmash Back to it's Former Glory
*create a thread in GD and post things there
*migrate ourselves to another Forum (yeah, nah)
*outreach direct to inactive SRK IMM heads and invite them to post again
*bring back Online Battle of the AV matches (loser wears an embarassing AV)


I was going to look for another active art forum actually. We used to have one that IMM people spawned off from called Monkey something or other I think. I know there’s tons of other places that like making sigs/splashes I just have to go look lolz


When you find it, let us know here and we can migrate lolz. I remember there was a forum that was on an SRK member’s domain a few years ago…wonder what happened to that…Zero Affinity.