Lets Bring Skullgirls to EVO 2016

I know this has been an ongoing battle, but I think its Skullgirls time to shine. This game made one of the craziest comebacks in fighting games. Skullgirls was dead in the water when it released in 2012, but because of a very passionate community it went through a beautiful revival and did what everyone thought it couldn’t. We crowed funded this game so intensely that we brought the game back, and added not one but five new characters! Tournaments are still happening for the game, and it has a somewhat small but still stable online community. By 2016 we will have had our second encore, and I for one think this game needs to hit the main stage. We as a community that love this game need to come together and promote the living crap out of this. We need more streams, more tournaments, more combo videos, and above all else more hype. I think we have a chance to make Skullgirls become one of the biggest fighters around simply because we have already done so much for this game. I will be spending most of my free time getting back online and doing everything I can to make as many people as possible play this game. If EVO has room for two Smash games, then it has room for Skullgirls. This will not come without a fight, and I ask that the rest of the community stand up beside me and keep doing what we have been doing for years. Even if you are not a huge player, but someone that just wants to watch a game get what it deserves please help us fight. I can see Skullgirls in 2016, can you help me get it there?

Have you heard of skullheart.com? That’s the main community forum for Skullgirls. Any forums post about energizing the Skullgirls community should go there. There are plenty of people there discussing how to keep the community strong. Sorry if this sounds dismissive, I just think if you really want to help SG players it’s best to start at Skullheart.


This is silly. EVO doesn’t just “have room for two Smash games”. Those two game each have massive communities that do not overlap nearly as much you may think. This should be respected. Skullgirls is a good game but it’s not at EVO because it is not as popular as the games that are on the EVO lineup. With regards to EVO, all the crowdfunding, donations and publisher drama don’t matter, it’s the numbers that matter.

Let’s not.

I do respect the Smash community, they have had to work hard to make the game be seen in the light it is being viewed in now. As far as posting this here It was a conscious decision to post it anywhere that there were fighters willing to listen. If everything Skullgirls related goes straight to Skullheart and only there then we are just sitting in our own little corner of the internet. A community has to branch out and look everywhere for support. This post was for the SG community, but also for anyone in other communities that may be willing to lend a helping hand.

Going to places where people don’t talk much about SG won’t be very helpful. The way you can help SG is going out to SG tournaments and events, promote actual events, making content, etc. All of which skullheart can help with.

As for sitting in it’s own little corner of the internet-- That sure never held Smash Bros back.

As much as I like that game, I don’t think it’s ready yet. It’d be best if skullgirls was advertised alil more, lettin people know it’s deep and in a similar style to heritage of the future etc. Don’t get me wrong It should be at evo more but I think it’d be best for the game/developers focus on the game before anything else that is not the game.

I’m actually pretty salty about how that turned out tbh but it’d be best if robo’s done, then they focus on anything else after that.
The game, is definitely supposed to be at evo, ESPECIALLY the way it is now but Ima have to let the salt subside and simply say that it’s probably not time for that yet.

The game will be at EVO when people want to play it. That hasn’t happened yet.

They’ve had their chance. Time to pack it up.

And this will never happen until people let go of their biases and actually give one of the most solid, well thought out 2D fighting games ever made, a chance.

But that’s the FGC for you. Someone figures out what exactly it was the kept Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (aka the GOAT) competitive and makes a fighting game based on those principles, and no one plays it. Someone else makes a game that’s Marvel Vs. Capcom in name only (besides being hella more broken, and not in a good way) and everybody’s on that shit.

Yeah, makes sense. If they wanted to play MVC2, why wouldn’t they just play MVC2?

Solid is an opinion. Well thought out doesn’t mean good. Frankly it can be made as smart as anything else ever made but if it’s not fun no one will play it, and one of the biggest complaints I see about SG is that it’s just plain not fun. And I agree with that sentiment. It’s intellectually dishonest to assume that people who don’t play SG never gave it a chance.

Look, people don’t play my game either. KoF is dead in the US even though I personally feel it deserves more attention and respect than it gets. You’re lucky to get more than 20 people for a KoF tournament, Dream cancel pit stops are getting bigger turnouts than full fledged majors, entry numbers are at record lows, and XIII was finally given the Axe at EVO even though it consistently had some of the most exciting top 8’s at every year it was there. Am I making excuses about people not giving the game a chance? No, people played the game and it’s not important enough to keep playing, they don’t enjoy the game, it isn’t for them, and that’s the end of it.

Now you can say that at least KoF got a shot at EVO and it’s not fair that SG hasn’t, but KoF it’s first year at EVO got over 800 entrants and for the next few years continued to have some of the highest international entry numbers of all the games in the lineup for the respective years. How big was the biggest SG tournament? How big is the international scene? How many people would realistically fly out to EVO to play SG? KoF earned its spot and it still died. SG has yet to earn a spot at EVO and people want it to be there even though the game is arguably just as dead as KoF and never had the scene KoF had. There’s no argument to justify SG getting a spot at EVO until it can actually grow a community that wants to play the game, and that hasn’t happened yet and chances are if people haven’t gotten into it by now they never will.

Skullgirls is one of the most fun fighters I’ve ever played. At gatherings people will stop by to watch matches and talk about how amazing it looks except that they didn’t know anyone played it. Which is why they don’t play it. So it’s the same ol story when it comes to any game not called street fighter. People will watch,ask questions,etc. Basically do everything short of actually picking up the damn game and playing it.

Always that weird black hole of “I’d play it if more people played it”.

And to those kinda people I’ve always gotta ask “If you don’t play it then who will?”.

Hell I think just the fan base of skullgirls is bigger than the player base,which is really saying something for what’s supposed to be an indie fighter aimed at hardcore fg players. I’ve met people that don’t even touch fighters that know more about the skullgirls universe and mythology than I do. Everyone has heard of the game but no one touches it.
Not even due to any negativity other than “No one plays it so I don’t either even though I like the game”.

It’s a mentality that hurts a lot of games. Not just skullgirls.

Evo 2015 has not happened yet and you are already asking for SG to be added to the lineup of Evo 2016?
L. O. L.

Anyway, unles SG becomes the new sensation between Evo2015 and January i don’t see it happening any time soon.
It doesn’t matter how good the game is, if it doesn’t have the $$$$$ to buy some mcribs for Mr.Wiz to get a place on it, it will never happen.

It has been years since Evo was a event for the community and their games, is about all the stream moneyz, something that SG doesn’t bring.
SG simply doesn’t have the people willing to show at tournaments to play it to even justify at even thinking to give it a shot, in fact, being honest i think that there are other games out there with an active community that deserve the spot before SG; UNIEL, P4AU, BBCPEX, DOA5LR, but as i said, on this day and age it is more about the developer throwing some money at Evo like the whore it is to get an spot than having a community willing to showcase their stuff.

Just remember the fiasco that it was SFxT on evo.

Re mvc2:
SG is mechanically similiar to MvC2, yeah, but there are still many things that people enjoy in that game that are just not present in SG. Especially when it comes to the abilities of the characters. That’s ine of the reasons why some people didn’t keep playing.

At this point new sg players are likely to come from other games. It would probably be from people that are new to fighting games.

I’m down with this I wouldn’t mind seeing skullgirl for 2016

I feel like maybe the ps4 version might be a popular option when it comes out since it will be backwards compatible with ps3 sticks. It’ll be a fg people can play without having to upgrade right away. And with the introduction of more male characters it may become more appealing to people. I’ve literally had people come up and see Big Bang and Beowulf on screen with reactions basically being “Oh there’s dudes in this game? They look badass!!”.

Publicity and exposure has to be good for this game. Being at EVO can definitely help that. Majors have been running it even as a side tournament . If numbers for other events went up then Evo would run it for sure. Games aren’t picked because of passion or being well made. They’re picked based on how many people will come through the door to play\watch it. Wouldn’t surprise me if this year’s Evo broke past viewership records just for the fact that 2 smash games will be there. Gotta worry about how well sg does at other events before you worry about it being at evo.

SGs gets burn at other tournaments (most recently Combo Breaker as a main stage gm)…in a perfect world, it would get a bigger push at EVO, cause its EVO, but i dont think SGs needs the co sign of EVO to shine.

The game is good. Only reason I don’t play it is because I get motion sickness from the million frames of animation.
MikeZ does everything to ensure a interesting game with insane character variety. The game has no palette swaps, good balance, continued support and is interesting to watch.

I don’t like the art, but it’s still nice to look at even if overanimated.

For all the whining about Capcom’s bug ridden turtle game, Marvel’s ToD bullshit and MK’s general retardedness, Skullgirls gets incredibly low respect for being a fighter that does almost everything right except for in my opinion stupid looks.

Hmm sounds like Skullgirls is in the same boat as another series I’m very familiar with…

SG is my main game. I think it’s one of the best fighting games ever made. I’ve been playing fighting games since 91 so I have a lot of fg experience. That doesn’t make my opinion any more valid than anyone else’s, just saying that the game is pretty awesome and gives me basically everything that any other fighter has ever given me… And then some.

I would love it if the game became an officially sanctioned Evo game. But I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

But almost everything that people complained about the game at the beginning has been removed or fixed to be more fair.

But I’m kinda like meh. I’ll keep playing the game and having tons of fun with the people I play it with and have some of the best times playing a fighter I’ve ever had…