Let's chill out a little bit, maybe?

Such a perplexing amount of much ado about nothing in the general discussion thread, and on Eventhubs comment threads, and um, everywhere.

Take a breath, go outside. The game will be out in 5 weeks and it will be great.

Capcom doesn’t owe any of us a single thing. On the one hand they are a business and on the other they are a creative studio. They leverage vast resources and hundreds of artists, programmers, and writers to produce the content that has sustained their business for decades, and that has inspired, challenged, and incensed millions of people. The content that is the reason our community exists in the first place.

As a collective Capcom has an unimaginably larger body of experience and a much broader perspective than any one person who is oh-so-upset that their pet hero isn’t the marquee character, or that “so and so who was so broken, why are they back??” (And in almost zero cases is this critique actually valid; “broken” is a term that everyone should retire, because virtually everyone who uses – EVERYONE – is doing it wrong) Ditto to rampant speculation or worry that the game will suck/fall apart/be dominated by tactics people probably didn’t even fully understand or appreciate in the series they know them from.

I know we all feel invested, to a degree, in every title that comes out that we’re excited about. This is true of anything that moves us; art, literature, films, movies, music. We develop entitlement and feel a sense of ownership. But let’s step it back. Be a little more thoughtful. Let the mind run a little while longer before the mouth, or the fingers on the keyboard. Are you actually saying anything interesting or worthwhile? Or are you just piling on because nothing is ever good enough in the internet era, where everyone is an expert with a voice and a blog and a twitter and the right opinion about everything, regardless of expertise or perspective?

Passion is great. Speculation is fun. Value judgments based on insufficient information – or no information – are less than worthless, though. People just like you slave 90 hour weeks for years on the content you consume at a glance, dismiss with an eye roll, and damage with thoughtless leak circulation and misinformation.

Be better than the status quo on the internet. You are only hurting the one you love.

It was remarkable good fortune that SF4 was even released, and that it caused the incredible resurgence of interest in fighters that it did. More remarkable still that MvC3 was ever greenlit, after all the false starts and legal impossibilities. You betray your shallowness when you disregard this over petty minutiae for a product you haven’t even touched.

We can’t have the discussions with the broader world of whether games are art, or whether gaming competitions are valid exhibitions of worthwhile skill, if we can’t even have reasonable conversations in the first place.

Anyways, just a request. Think about it.


Think about this thread getting closed.

A: We’re pretty good about not going crazy here on SRK. Having a dedicated “I love/hate MvC3!” thread means that anybody who is REALLY EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING can either go there to vent or can be whacked with the banhammer to help give them their needed time-out.

B: We don’t really need a new thread for this. Please read the MvC3 forum rules.