Let's clean up the Ryu forums!



ok guys so as you all probably know the ryu thread is way out of date.I really wanna get this back up to par with the other character threads.I think we should have weekly matchup discussions as Luken suggested.We should get the video critique back going,and overhaul the matchup thread near completely.Can i get some people together to work on this? I’ll gladly provide as much info as I can.



Im in! just let me know what ya need!!


OMG! some one took interest. lol
Well the first thing i need is a mod who is actually willing to put in the work to get it done. Because quite frankly this Character thread SUCKS atm


I can sticky/unsticky, move, merge, delete, and update threads. How can I help you guys?


well i think we need to revise the combo thread and most definitely the matchup thread.most of the information here is from vanilla.I think we should maybe start up a video critique thread so ppl can upload their replays and let some of the veteran players tell them how to improve.Maybe even a weekly matchup discussion or something. I mean ppl come here to learn about ryu,and this thread does not make that easy. I still think we need more people to get it all together but i can provide combos and a good deal of matchup knowledge.But im gonna need a lot of help. I have a way of talking to air so i could try seeing if he can maybe help us out…but hes in japan right now.though his blog contains yseful info we can use. We will need to get rid of or merge some posts probably so glad you can help JoontheBaboon.


I actually think thats a really great idea. I would really use something like that. Im always looking for more advise!!


I think I’ll get started on the combo update in a bit.I was thinking maybe we could have a sticky of Ryu fundamentals like Air has on his blog.


I’ve already gotten the mixups list posted. I guess I’ll update it some more later and get down all of Ryu’s knockdown options.


Thanks for the help


I’ll hit training mode and report anything useful if I can find anything :frowning:


Ok, sounds like a start.

  1. There’s already “The answer lies in the heart of battle.” Ryu Video Thread. Did you mean another Video Critique Thread?
  2. There’s already SSF4 AE Ryu Match-up Thread stickied, but it looks like the OP (Original Poster) is no longer active.

We are always looking for active members to manage their character forums. Is there anybody here willing to manage the stickied threads?


Yeah i meant video critique thread.Also is there an AE matchup thread already?


okay i see the AE thread now. the OP is still way out of date though. I think redoing the whole thing may be benificial as some of the info i seen there is awful.What do you guys think.


^I agree. Are there any active members here willing to manage the stickied threads?


well i dont really have experience doing stuff like that but i suppose i can if i need to


^That’s fine. You can learn as you go :tup:.

So, would you like to take over the SF4 Ryu Match-up Thread?


i suppose i can


or i can just type up a new matchup thread and have you sticky it


^Yes, I can do that for you.


okay what do you guys think of having a Ryu fundamentals sticky that teach his basics such as footsies and eventually work up to more advanced things like OS’s?