Let's Collab

Hehe, Halloween Velma, nice Sasmasta.

What program were you using Sas? My post here was just sorta an FYI on how to avoid using the magic-eraser/magic-wand (so you don’t get those ‘white jaggies’).

:u: Click.

Yes / no?

here guys here are some linart I did. this is open to anyone. Enjoy!

Did you draw that? Can’t read the sig to save my life.

Nice, thanks. I’m gunna try coloring one of these.


A friend drew it for me~

:u: Click.

WOW! nicely done dude! makes me want to recolor her again. Cant wait to see the other ones.

My boa recently


I had this lying around. I’d like to see someone else color my work because I’m terrible at painting

2 things:

  1. Looks great.
  2. Lucky metroid.

Yo, never knew this thread was here, I’ll getr a drawing up tonight… is it okay if I only do a face or should I do a character full body?

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Anything is fine.

I got one that’s been drawn already.
School’s killing me… I’ma try to get one within this week.

Too big for me to post up the actual image, It’s Makoto.


Oh I had a question for you, what program did you use to make this?

Hey Xenozip, what program do you use to color/paint in linework?

Sai (Easy Paint Tool Sai).

I use to use PSP and PS but I only use them when necessary now.

Kind of a half-assed drawing I did.

^ I like it.

I really, really feel I’ve seen it before. I wonder if I have?

Thanks. I saw a great Snake sketch on dA and that person used Sai as well.

I’ll have to check it out. Apologies for derailing.