Lets crush oro! with chun!

i just realized this matchup irritates me more than any other. give me yun all day over this crap. but im sure that opinion will change once we amalgamate all the ways to crush oro! there aren’t that many oro players so any chun that fights good oro’s and beats em like 300% of the time. spill your beans!

You gotta be more specific about your problems in the matchup. Chun’s crouching MK and b.HP literally beat every single one of Oro’s pokes (or at least crouching MK ducks under them). Make sure you block on wakeup or Oro will get free chicken combos and kill you. After that, what more do you need?

wtf you are on the crickety crack, just mash buttons with chun li, that beats oro

hate chun

don’t forget cHK it’s sooo fucking good against oro both grounded and antiair, and most of time he can’t even do shit after parrying it.

only chance oro has is a quick jump to the opposite side of chun with an MK, linking it into a MP.

other than that all crazy jumps etc will be destroyed with chuns HP

thanks dudes, my oro fight insights plus anyone know how to parry unblockables?!

thanks for the tips all. i haven’t had any troubles with oro since, although i would say that there is a problem in the line of thinking that chun can just mash buttons and beat oro. oro players are patient because they have to be, be more patient and avoid all setups and its just a losing poke/confirm battle for oro.

my problems were that i would get frustrated by running oro players and end up getting hit by random shit. either re-positioned air jumps or EX shoryus. chun’s pokes ARE godlike but you can’t spam them against a intelligent turtle regardless of what character they are playing, and sometimes ( THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR CHUN PLAYERS b/c we have so many moves that take care of multiple options its easy to get carried away) hit buttons that are superior pokes hoping to score free hits with priority/anti throw properties.

i do not mean just scrubs or anything either, i can’t even tell you how many times ive seen really good chuns get bold with stand far HK to punish possible shoto sweeps or throws and get counter poked with a super. ken’s c.mk does this the most effectively (read: often). but anyway if someone is turtling/running then take nuki’s advice to Tokido (i forget who originally quoted him on the forums, sorry for forgetting) "don’t throw out a move you think might be good IF it hits, throw out moves you think WILL hit"
also as someone mentioned: block on wakeup or free chicken combos. (great advice! its not worth it to parry oro even IF he goes for the same setups over and over chun can win in safer ways)

one question tho: any escape from the oro unblockable loop with his ball super? i kinda can’t believe no one mentioned it, its probably the only thing i’m still scared of from oro. how would one parry out of it, or parry so as to take minimum damage?

while im at it, not sure if it deserves a seperate thread or not. but anyone know how to parry urien’s different unblockable setups for zero/reduced damage.
there is the trick for the corner kneedrop unblockable where you can down parry the reflector so that the knee drop smashes you while you are parrying and you go into knocked down state (obviously avoiding the bulk of reflector damage) btw props to mopreme for finding that.

however im not sure the specific patter for parrying the midscreen unblockable.
from vids it looks like (urien coming with toward and forward from the left screen side after crossing you up):
down(parry reflector), left(parry urien’s foot), Right(parry reflector) then i dunno. are you out at that point? what are the specifics? anyone know?