lets do 3 avs

yeah ok im bored, got nuthin better to do so lets take 3 av requests…make them good and remember i dont do animaiton

just tell me what pic you want (provide pic if you want) and what name you want on it and i can take care of the rest…

p.s. i hate team avs so keep that in mind.

righty-o ask away

Ok, awesome. Let me get one with this pic of K’ and the name “Alpha”, other than that just go nuts and do what you do best, man. I’ll use it in a couple of weeks when my obligation to PsychoSquall has ended, but you rarely make avs so I wanted to make sure I got one.

Hey, I noticed you’re doing avs. So, just make a cool one with the attached pic. Thanks.

Oh, and put “Infini” on there instead of my full SN, it cuts down on space for av makers.

hey, props for taking requests. i would just like an av with this pic-

just do whatever you want(back ground, ect…) with it to make one bad ass avatar lol.oh, and can you put “Reset” on their? thanks. :slight_smile:


alpha and infin: ok

reset: link is broken so find me another pic

NRO get on aim!

infini: done


Nice. I’m putting it on right now. :smiley:

er he meant this pic, sides the link wasn’t broken for me.



and thank you for posting the pic for me…

sorry for the wait, avs will be up tonight

And you’re his diciple?

not exactly, but i learn a lot from his works…

hey, uh…yeah.:slight_smile:

<---- One of my 3 nero avs.

sorry guys, my comp is broken sooo i really cant take these requests…no clue whats wrong with it, it just says “UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME” and it wont let me go to windows, again sorry and ill be happy to take the requests as soon as i get my stuff fixed