Let's End Discrimination Against 0 Bar Connections

Hi everyone, i recently upload a video on youtube which focus on discrimination between players in the fighting game community. I’m trying my best to get as much people as possible to like or comment on the video, heck just viewing it on youtube is enough. So if you’ll be so kind to do one or all of the following i’ll really appreciate it. Lets spark a change in the way how people think.


Or how bout you go hunt for clicks elsewhere.

So it took you 17 minutes to inform us that the bar indicators are not accurate?

Retitled your clickbait title to a descriptive and honest title.

You need to find local-er people to play against or find your own community of people who enjoy laggy games. As someone who gets physically sick from bad connections, I find it annoying and distasteful when laggy players try to force themselves into a room where they know they’re going to lag everybody else out. Either get a better connection or go away.

Sorry you live far away. That’s not something other people can solve for you.

Please read the FGD forum rules, specifically rule #4:

Can I use beesuit’s avatar to sum up how I currently feel.


I was not expecting him to be black. Holy shit I am laughing so hard at that shit. Niggas asking for welfare in online matchmaking. I mean, dude dark as fuck too. The room isn’t really lit up, he just sucked all the shadows into his being. #BlackConnectionsMatter

OP are you serious with this? There’s a valid reason for the “discrimination” against those with poor connections. YOU RUIN THE DAMN GAME WITH UNBEARABLE LEVELS OF LAG! Sorry you live in a rural area or can’t afford a good internet provider but we shouldn’t have to put up with a laggy match to accommodate those with poor connections. Either find away to step your connection up, [;ay locally with friends or just tough cookies. An why you gotta use provocative words like “discrimination”? For something so trivial? Click bait much? Making it sound like there’s some racial tension within the FGC or something. Piss off.

Don’t worry guys,

@iantothemax will frontpage this with the quickness for discussion.

Then close the comments section.

Then say there is no room for discussion.

Then we will be borg.

If you’re gonna be an ass and not have a wired connection I’m not gonna play with you, sorry.

I think you mean well and all but No one wants to play online with lag.And if it shows that the connection looks potentially bad people aren’t gonna risk it on the chance that it might be an inaccurate read.sounds more like a developer complaint

Whats funny is, in vanilla 4, my connections that said 4 bar or whatever, were generally worse than those that said 2-3 bar. I learned not to discriminate 6 years ago.

Currently when i play tekken, i generally only look for 4+ bars in quick match, because there are always enough people playing ttt2 that i dont have to bother dropping it down. TTT2 does have this weird thing though sometimes, where it will “glitch” out, and an opponent will be stuck with a 1 bar red connection, or no bar connection, and its 100 percent completely fine.

For me personally, i discriminate a little on like quick match and shit, but i’m not really pressed on it, as i know most of these fighting games do not read connections that well, and sometimes you can play people across the globe, and its randomly fine. I’ve played people in europe in ttt2, and was shocked that it was kind of a fine connection. I’ve played people in mvc3 who i know have good connections, and are only a state of away (this was in vanilla), and it was typical mvc3 online, and then i played someone 2000 miles away in atlanta, and it was really good. lol

IMO, for console games, mvc2 was fairly accurate with its pings. If you had a shitty ping, it was always a shitty connection, and when you had a low ping, it was always a good match. I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing mvc2 online for xbl, and it was pretty consistent on gauging your opponents connection.

But all in all, im not going to go searching for good 1-3 bar connections in a game, when there are enough people with good connections online. If im playing a game that is super dry online, which isnt likely, than i will try some desperate hail marys.

I’ve never played rank online, in any fighting game ever, because i think its silly, so i dont know if there is more frustration there in not being able to discriminate against connections for certain games. Usually i’m able to find good connections in games with player matches/quick match, than i friend the player if theyre not squares, and i start creating my little circle of players with good connects that i can hit up for games.

**Nothing is worse than getting in a match, that is a complete laggy pile of shit, and it would be quicker to reboot your xbox, than play it out. Oh, and the other person is ALWAYS trying to play, as if they dont recognize whats going on. Probably trolls, but whatever. Its infuriating to come across that shit. [/b

clickbaiting… really? if you had taken the time to look you’ll see that i’m not partnered with youtube so i’m not making money from views, just a frustrated gamer.

the video was to educate people about the following:

  1. Games don’t give an accurate reading so don’t prejudge without testing to see if it’s a bad connection or not.
  2. The connection bar status shows the connection status between players often is mistaken for the connect of one player.
  3. online is about having fun and meeting new people from all parts of the world that you won’t normally meet to learn from and grow as a community.

i can’t stand lag it can cause so many problems i never asked anyone/tell to play in poor or bad conditions all im saying are those 3 points i just made.

I live in Barbados if you google that place you be surprise how small the place is, a little dot on the world but despite that i used a wired connection (fiber optics) with download speed of 150mbps and upload speed of 25mbps more than enough for gaming online.

Our fighting game and anime community isn’t big but it’s growing. One of my goals is to put my island on the map let people of the world know that this island as well as the other islands of the Caribbean are home to MANY damn good fighting game players but to do that i’ll have to play people from all walks of life and be acknowledge. The quickest, easiest and most efficient way is to play online but having said that its alot more difficult than i would have ever imagine because of the majority of gamers in the fighting game community are like the majority of people who replied back to this discussion.

Only one person had a sensible and accurate response and that was jimmy1200.

i was told that this place wasn’t the place to place my topic so i left but i was curious to see what kind of response i’ll get so here i am a bit brain numb by this response and with that said i’ll delete my shoryuken account i rather die than be in a place like this.

And 3 months to reply!

The fact that you had a vague thread title…and vague 1st post…shows you had intentions of trying to sneak views to your video.

Even your 1st post was misleading.
If you were have been more straightforward with your topic…you would’ve gotten a better response.

The damn thread was a goddamn clickbait because you PURPOSELY was vague as hell in your description about the video you were begging people to watch, AND it took a mod to correct your sorry ass thread title into something that actually makes sense.

Cause Jimmy1200 is a nice dude and went by the actual info this topic SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKING PEOPLE FOR STRAIGHT UP IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU NUMB ASS NIGGA!!!

And that bolded part in the quoted post… damn your skin is so thin and soft… even newborns are thicker than you.

You think using phrases such as “Discrimination between players” Isn’t click bait? You see nothing wrong with how you presented yourself with this thread? Good Riddance then, nothing of value was lost. Oh and FYI having a strong local and tournament scene is what puts one on the map, not being an on-line warrior.


Hi everyone, i recently upload a video on youtube which focus on discrimination between players in the fighting game community. I’m trying my best to get as much people as possible to like or comment on the video, heck just viewing it on youtube is enough. So if you’ll be so kind to do one or all of the following i’ll really appreciate it. Lets spark a change in the way how people think.



Please leave

Bar indicators are fairly accurate and generally it isn’t worth attempting to find out if a 0 bar is laggy or not, unless that player just happens to be a really good player that you want to play against.

This thread is pointless.

Also I’ve fought you Rennikz and you do indeed lag. And even worse, you use Kanji which just lets you get away with a lot of nonsense in lag, like mashing out command grabs and dps inbetween mistimed pressure strings or mistimed punishes. The video even shows you going into the JP rooms to challenge JP players. Explain to me why a Japanese person who sees a room filled with 3-4 bar quality connections, would want to risk playing a 0 bar?

Posting in a thread where Jimmy makes 100% sense for once.