Lets End This! the MvC3 X-23 Combo/Strategy Thread



In this thread all the combo/setups/mixups/strategies for x-23 will be compiled and discussed.
will be updated and more organized once when new stuff is discovered.


:u:=u, up, 8
:uf:=uf, up forward, 9
:f:=f, forward, 6
:df:=df, down forward, 3
:d:=d, down, 2
:db:=db, down back, 1
:b:=b, back, 4
:ub:=ub, up back, 7

xx= cancel
OTG= Off the Ground
XFC/KFC= X-Factor Cancel

Hit Confirms into x-23’s Combos:
-Any normal attack chain variation (c.L x2, s.M, s.LMH)
-Neck Slicer (charged)
-Ankle Slicer (charged)
-Command Throw (qcf H)
-L Talon
-d.H Talon

Main Combos (BnBs):



**Beginner: **
This section is NOT combos that should be used in matches, these are just to help you grasp the basics of x-23’s combos (especially the Mirage Fients), you can do much more in her combos and with only using these you’re minizing your potential and maximum damage.

[][Basic Magic Series Combo|522,200|~1 meter]
:qcf::l:, :l::l::m::h:c.:h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:,:qcf::m: (charged) :qcf::atk::atk:
][Basic Mirage Fient Combo|–|1 meter]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l: (land)
[][go to BnB combo|555,000|1 meter]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m:(full charge) :qcf::atk::atk:
][Combo 1|430,000|Video |by 10stars]

[][Combo 2| |By Corner-Trap]
:h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) :qcf::atk::atk:
][Combo 3|670,000/1.2 Million with Ammy DHC |by Sakiedo]
c.:l::l:s.:h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::s: j.:m:m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, <Amaterasu cold star>:qcf::m: (charge) :dp::atk::atk:
[][Combo 4|490,000 w/o RageTrigger|builds 1.5 meters||Video|by 10stars]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) :qcf::atk::atk:
][Combo 5|496,300/632,200 w/Rage Trigger|Video|By IronClawNinja]
:l::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1hit):h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1hit):h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charged)
[][Combo 6|–|by TanakaForce]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::qcf::m:(carry to corner):m:m: :m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (full charged) :qcf::atk::atk:
][Combo 7|517,700|by vmcoelho]
j.:s::d::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) :qcf::atk::atk:
[*][Combo 8|Combo into DirtNap]
:qcf::l: (charged) xx:qcb::atk::atk: dash :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge)

MFC (Mirage Feint Cancel) Combos
MFC is Cancelling Pokes with Mirage Feint Cancels to get massive frame advantage and do combos not possible otherwise.
this is done by Holding down S when doing a Mirage Fient, this will automatically cancel the Mirage Feint ala Viper’s FFF. so for example if you do s.H xx L Mirage Feint while holding S, you’ll get an MFC’d s.H, which is the main poke you’re gonna use MFCs for. This can also be done by doing s.H xx 214L~S, it needs proper timing if done that way.
MFC cancels are something essential to x-23’s game and you’ll have to learn sooner or later if you wanna use her competitively
MFC’ing a light/medium/heavy attack will leave you at +2/+6/+11 respectively so not only it is useful in combos but its very helpful in pressure and frametrapping (eg: making your opponent mistime their pushblock and getting a poke instead giving you a CH combo)



[][grasping MFC basics|Video|Notation by NDRWPNDY]
c.:l::l:s.:h: MFC :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::h: MFC :h::qcb::h: …
][grasping MFC basics 2|300,000]
s.:h: MFC :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::qcb::h: j.:m:
[][Basic MFC combo|560,000 |by NDRWPNDY]
s.:h: MFC :h: MFC :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: :s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) :qcf::atk::atk:
][MFC Combo 1|624,000 w/Rage Trigger finisher, 678,000 w/Weapon X finisher|By Sakeido]
[MFC] x 4 :h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):h::s: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge)
[*][MFC Combo 2|564,500|Video|by kreativeking]


DHC glitch Combos:
This is a glitch that occurs when you DHC from a cinematic Hyper (Weapon X Prime with x-23) into a Hyper that doesnt hit directly (like Wesker’s Counter and Hsien-Ko’s Dark Force) into a combo.
What this does is that if done properly it resets the damage and the hitstun which means you can do Touch of Death combos with the proper setups/characters for 2 meters!~ just keep praying that they dont patch this out.
More details in the DHC glitch Thread

assists to do DHC trick


**Pickup Assists to setup OTG to Weapon X Prime: **
[]Hsien-Ko: Pendulum
]Ammy: Cold Star
[]Wesker: Low Shot (no need for OTG slicer)
]Dormammu: Dark Hole
[]Trish: Low Voltage
]Deadpool: Katanarama (no need for OTG slicer)
[]Super Skrull: Orbital Grudge
]Sentinel: Rocket Punch (no need for OTG slicer), or Sentinel Force aka Drones (tight timing)
[]Akuma: Tatsumaki Zenpukyaku
]Ryu: Tatsumaki Senpyukyaku
[]Thor: Mighty Smash
]Chun-Li: Hyakuren Kyaku
[*]Magneto: Hyper Grav (this sucks though, very tight timing)
there are probably more but those are the only ones I can remember right now…



[][DHC Trick combo 1|1.012 Mil |builds ~2 meters| DHC to Chun-Li’s Hoyukusen|By Ryuga]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, <call Pickup assist> :qcf::m: (fully charged) :dp::atk::atk: DHC into Chun Li’s Hoyukusen, sj.:d::m::d::m::h:HyakuretsuKyaku (H) j.:m::m::h:HyakuretsuKyaku (H) j.:m::h:HyakurestuKyaku (H,keep mashing)
][DHC Trick combo 2|full combo kills anybody|doesnt Work on Tron midscreen/must do both s.M hits on IronMan|DHC to Wesker’s Rhino Charge|[media=youtube]F4x35zV4_Jo"[/media]|By Sakeido]

[*][DHC Trick Combo 3|1.31 Mil |DHC to Deadpool’s Cuttin’ Time|Video |By Mad Tea Party]

[*][DHC Trick Combo 4|1.4 Mil |DHC to Thor’s Mighty Punish|Video|By Mad Tea Party]

[*][DHC Trick Combo 5|1.4 Mil |DHC To Ammy’s Veil of Mist|Video|By Vegit814]

[][DHC Trick Combo 6|1.3 Mil |DHC To Phoenix’s Healing Field|Builds 2 meters|By Ryuga]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l: ,<call pickup assist> :qcf::m: (fully charged) :dp::atk::atk: DHC into Phoenix’s Healing Field, [:f::h:xx TK Trap (L)] x3 :f::h::s: j.:m::m::h::s:, TK’d:qcf::l: :qcf::atk::atk:
][DHC Trick Combo 7| |DHC to Dante’s Devil Trigger|By Ryuga]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::d::h::qcf::l: :m:(1 hit):h::qcb::h: j.:m::m::h: j.:m::m::h::s::qcf::l: :h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:,<call Pickup assist> :qcf::m: (fully charged) :dp::atk::atk: DHC to Dante’s Devil Trigger, wait a bit :h::s: j.:m::h::qcf::l:(Killer Bee) :s: j.:h::dp::s:(Vortex):s:, OTG :dp::m::dp::m:(Beehive)
[*]Sentinel Combo:

[*]Taskmaster combo:



Assist Combos:


[*][Hulk Combo 1|–|Hulk Gamma Wave| Video |By TeamBrownTown]

[][Ammy Combo 1|712,200|Cold Star assist]
:d::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: :m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::qcb::h: :m::h::qcf::l: :m::h:c.:h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :a1::qcf::m: (charged) :dp::atk::atk:
][Ammy Combo 2|728,500|Cold Star assist|Corner only]
:d::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h:c.:h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :a1::qcf::m: (charge) :dp::atk::atk:
[*][Viper Combo 1|–|Seismo Hammer assist| Video |By cg219]

[][Viper/Deadpool Combo 1|–|Viper Seismo and Deadpool KatanaRama|Video |By Vegit814]
:l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h: :l::m::h::s: j.:h::qcf::l:, :a1::qcb::atk::atk: :s:
][Doom/Dante Combo 1|980,000|Doom Hidden Missiles and Dante Jam Session| Video|By Vegit814]


X-Factor Combos:



[*][XF Combo 1|1.120 Mil (lvl1) kills anybody (lvl2)| Video]

[][XF Combo 2| 1.34 Mil (lvl3)|no meter required|By kanta-kun]
[XF] :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::m: :l::m::h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: :l::m::h::s: j.:m::m::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: :l::m:
][XF Combo 3|3 character kill setup|kills anybody (lvl3) meterless/needs 5 meters for full 3 character kill setup| Video|By Vegit814]

[][XF Combo 4|Kills anybody (Lvl 2 or higher)| Video |By Sakeido]
:qcf::l: (charged) x infinity
][XF Combo 5|1,120 Mil |By 10 Stars]
:l::m::h: [XFC] dash :s: j.:m:m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) -slight pause- :l::m:h::s: j.:m:m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m: (charge) :qcf::atk::atk:

Team Synergy+ Combos:
This Section will have good Teams/partners that go with x-23 to help her become the deadly beast she is. Right there isnt any Solidified x-23 “teams”, however whenever any in-depth information about any team/duos that work well for x-23 i’ll add it to this section:



[*]x-23 (Ankler Slicer)/Wesker (Low Shot)/Akuma (tatsu)
BurnSilver made an excellent thread with alot of good combos using the Team x-23/Wesker/Akuma. He goes over using the assists, combos into/from them, DHC options and lots of other stuff. Very good read if you have any of those characters in your x-23 Team.

Resets, Mixups Other cool stuff:



[*][Neck Slicer Reset 1|Video |By cg219]

[*][x-23 Mixups 1| w/Sentinel Drones assist|Video|By Vegit814]

[*][x-23 Resets 1|Video|By 10stars]

[*][Dirt Nap Tech Trap setups|Video|By Vegit814]

[][IOH Combo on Sent, Hulk, MODOK, and Tron|702,000|by Danke and Ryuga]
:uf::m: (IOH):d::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: j:m::h::qcf::l: :l::m::h::qcb::h: j.:m::h::qcf::l: :m::h::s: j.:m::m::h::d::h::qcf::l:, :qcf::m:(max charge) :dp::atk::atk:
][50/50 corner setup|–|Video|by 10stars]

[*][Command Throw Setup|w/Chun-Li Legs assist|Video|by Ryuga]

[*][Flashy Shit|w/exchange into Sentinel|Video|By Sakeido]

[*][Corner Throw Setups|Video|By MoFro]

[*][Snapback into Dirtnap Combo|Video|By Vegit814]

[*][Dirty Drone Prime|w/Sentinel Drones assist|Video|By Vegit814]




Another Reversed


One More just in case


I was thinking about making X-23 one of my characters after dickin around with her for a bit…now…it seems more likely. Shes fun.


For the “X-23 Feint Loop”.

:l:,:m:,:h:,:qcb::h:(air),:m:,:s:(land),:l:,:m:,:h:,:qcb::h:(air):m:,:s:(land):m:,:h:,:s:,(sj),:m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land),:qcf::m:,:qcf:(hold) xx :atk::atk:


Ok here. The day one stuff video. cr.LM-st.H-S Air MMH-down H-qcf.M-MS Land Wesker Assist 2 qcb.AtkAtk MS 727,000 damage assuming that she only did M while she was invisible. Sorry about the format of this thing, first time doing something like this. =)


I’d prefer short hop loop over feint loop but that’s just me … she can do different stuff with feints that doesn’t look anything like the hop stuff

current version of the short hop loop I’m doin
s.M c.M s.H xx 214H j.M j.H xx 236L s.L s.M s.H xx 214H j.M j.H xx 236L s.M s.S sjc j.M j.M j.H xx 236L, 236B (charge) xx super

does about 80k more damage than just looping j.M j.S
timing towards the end gets very tight

edit: here’s a vid [media=youtube]_E6VOgGUOdk[/media]
still checking to see if it works midscreen. looks like it will, you just need to keep a close eye on height
edit2: defintely works midscreen


I knew I wanted X-23 to be my point the moment I saw her revealed. Been in training mode with her for hours trying to find some combos that do the most damage.

There seems to be many ways to combo with her hop I based mine off the one from mission mode a little. Also she can probably do all her combos midscreen.

j.2H xx 236L s.L s.M s.H xx 214H j.M j.M j.H (land) j.M j.M j.H xx 236L s.M s.H s.S sjc j.L j.M j.M j.H xx 236L xx 236M (charge) xx super


The feint loop isn’t mine, I just annotated it. Don’t wanna be taking credit for other people’s work.


Very simple full meter snapback combo


I was just on my way here to post this. W O W !

If this turns out to be legitmate in matches, like if this can work everytime, I just found my third.


Holy crap I need to change my pant’s. So hot!


So Godlike


Command grab fuck yo ankles

Excuse my screwed up move descriptions…I’m accustomed to jab/strong/fierce/short/forward/roundhouse annotations…not what’s used in this game.

Something dumb but interesting:

:qcf:+ C (command grab), Ankle Slicer HOLD to max hits (non charged and neck will not hit)

Double dumb but double interesting:

:qcf:+ C (command grab), Snap Back (OMG LOL!)

Triple dumb but triple interesting:

Beam assist style…have to try it with others but so far works with Iron Man:

:qcf:+ C (command grab), assist qcf, Ankle Slicer HOLD (gotta be quick between assist and Ankle Slicer, but it’s mad easy)

May need to test that on all characters. It pushes the character back to a neutral stand state, so you gotta have a gameplan in a real match. Otherwise, neat-o…it works. :slight_smile:

Quadruple dumb but quadruple interesting if you can get it to connect:

I’ve accidentally had light and medium attack connect after Beam assist + ankle slicer connect. I’m not sure what is up with that. Need to test it. Likely a wide body thang.

Experiment, experiment, experiment discuss.

Edit: Sorry if this is hella known…but I thought it was worth mentioning btw. :stuck_out_tongue: Fun ass character.

Edit #2: Post command grab has weird properties. I can’t sneak in any normals no matter how hard I try and I can’t land any hyper combos, yet these three things connect. Hrmmmm?


you can combo s.C s.E into whatever from her command grab… however it doesnt seem possible on some characters for some reason (ie: Modok O_o)


Hrm. The command grab tends to put me too far away against the default training characters (CapA/Dr. Doom/Skrull). Have to mess with it some more. Maybe my timing is off. :stuck_out_tongue:


More little fun screwing around tidbits. Using the command grab, beam assist + ankle slash set up I mention above, using Thor’s shock assist will pop the character up (where Iron Man’s beam assist brings the character’s body downward). Trying so hard to make that turn into something…lol (tossing air feints like crazy…trying to get hard launch and special launch to connect…mashing everything…)! :slight_smile: Also got Hyper to connect with that set up. Fun.


Ill contribute. Cool way to combo into Dirt Nap with Viper Assist.

:l: :m: :h: :qcb: + :h:, :m: :h: ( LAND ) :l: :m: :h: :s: ( SJ ) :h: :qcf: + :l: ( Viper Seismo Assist ) :qcb: + :atk::atk: :s:


PS. If anyone can show how to make the actual pictures for the inputs that be well apprecated


And Another one. Short Hop into Shadow Hop into Command Grab

:l: :m: :h: :qcb: + :l: ( LAND ) :l: :m: :h: :qcb: + :m: :qcf: + :h: :qcf: + :m: ( Hold ) :qcf: + :atk::atk: XFC :acf: + :atk::atk:


Sidenote- After the XFC you can actually go into the loop again. Ill post videos tomorrow or the day after =D