Lets End This! the MvC3 X-23 Combo/Strategy Thread



**Ah… so with my Frank team it would be impossible, and I have to rely on a cross up reset. hmm… ok then. **


The X23/Cart mixup is literally one of the best in the game, though. You really can’t react and either have to guess or have something super invincible.


Yea it is pretty nasty. I will be trying to land it mostly after my StoneSmite assisted relaunch and when they flip out of that otg Ankle Slice, call Frank then and Mirage Feint.


Yeah, that’s exactly what you want to do. I’m sure there are other options you can go for aside from the ~6 that are in my vid, but they’re really really good starting points. If you’re a fan of coin flips, it’s the way to go. Personally, I think you should get missiles or something else that helps Skrulls neutral game but also gives X23 a first relaunch, then you’re just killing instead of resetting. Plus Franks a huge hassle and you HAVE to dedicate your first 3 meters to leveling him up which makes dirt naps really hard to get without having some kind of infinite to rely on.

X23/Skrull/Sent(Drones) is pretty grimy if you can stand running cha-cha-bot.


Nah, I’m a character loyalist kind of guy. Frank is the only new character I’ve picked up in a long time. I hate Sent lol.****


watch quasidomo’s vids, he has very decent laura/skrull tech and setups.


Anyone up for talking matchups? For reference I’m running x23/vergil/arthur. What am I supposed to do to beat a patient magneto that is content to sit back and call missiles and chuck magnetic blasts? And how about zero in general?


How do you hate Sentinel? Hes so fun, I literally would play him without drones lol.

Also, on the subject of x23 vergil, what vergil assist benefits her the most? Rapid slash as usual?


I’ve been fighting Magneto+Missiles for some time, hate it. Your best bet is to walljump to avoid Disruptor and then call out your assist (Daggers) preemptively in order to strike Doom so that Hidden Missiles doesn’t come out.

If Hidden Missiles comes falling down, SJ up as high as you can to make it less easy for Magneto to mix you up/combo you. He will go in if Missiles hits/gets blocked and have his way with you.

I don’t think X-23’s got much options. Jam Session might help. As for Zero, he’s awful. Absolutely awful. Make sure you’ve got Jam Session in order to stop him at SJ-height. X-23’s normals don’t cut it, IMO, you’re best off attacking from the air (but not at SJ-height where he can easily nab you with Jam Session) with Talon Ls+assists. Get him at the start of the round and challenge him with throws in order to gain some momentum, that’s the best time to put him in a spot of bother. Zero’s Hienkyaku M (teleport dash) usually gets combo’d with assists (such as Jam Session) for cross-ups. Heard someone say that might not be tight and that you can grab him out of it, but I dunno. Buster>Lightning is something you can interrupt, but no Zero should be doing that anyway, so I personally wouldn’t rely on them doing it. Other than that, I’ve literally got nothing. I don’t see how her tools can match up to Zero’s. It’s not good at all IMO.

EDIT: @Odin: yeah, I’d go with Rapid Slash, purely for combo extensions.


I just have had hate for sent since MvC2


Anyone know any uses for X-23’s TA M and TA H besides mobility? I’ve heard TA M can be used for assisting in solo relaunches but I don’t really see any of that in combo videos I’ve watched.


I have one example of relaunch off Tasky arrows using the s.S sj.MxxTA M dH. If you don’t have double relaunches, TA M is really great for corner carry and does decent damage (is also what makes TAC fakes possible with X23). You can combo off CSxxTA H falling j.HS > Jump loops (possible mid, easy in the corner.) If you play with Log Trap, TA H is amazing for ambiguous cross-ups.


I was wondering why use TA H over TA M for Log Trap crossups but I guess it’s because you can’t really see the log if you do it.


Less likely to get thrown, also. It’s a mix and match situation, if I’ve CS’d to get out of normal jump height, I’ll just TA M, I’ll use TA H if I want to create some space or want to put them off the screen so it’s harder to tell when it crosses up.


TA-M is used in her infinite and a way for her to do a solo relaunch


TA-M + beam is a decent way to get in from some distances.


Walljump + Beam is infinitely better. There is absolutely no reason to use TA M as horizontal mobility. :confused:


At full screen, walljump is better, obviously.

At mid-range, you can hitconfirm it into full combo if TA hits. If they block the TA in the air, plasma beam makes it safe, and you get a dash under mixup. If they stay on the ground, it can cross up. If they block it on the ground, you get frame advantage.

Do it at a low height. Best used against airdashers. Not great against sword characters. Never to be used if it’s gonna whiff.


Tiger Knee it.


at full screen you can MF-MxxTA-M + beam.