Lets End This! the MvC3 X-23 Combo/Strategy Thread



Good shit! The dumb thing is I tried for a while after that same option came out for spencer and wasn’t able to get it to happen (feel dumb now.) Double relaunch should put that in the mil+ with 2 meters.

I’m gonna go to the lab and find how to use that assist for dirt naps so he can become the new tony.

I want midscreen and corner ground throws.


Dumb thing about that combo is that it only works in right corner. You only get one relaunch in the left. Still good damage, though, not as flashy, lol.

I’ve inconsistently gotten a single missile to OTG on the way up in the left (looks just like Spencer’s version), but I’m not sure how to replicate it.


I messed around with it, seems a bit character specific and generally dumb. You can always still do S+Missiles sj.HxxCS HxxTA L, land, j.TA L as missiles start hitting, S etc.

2 Luis Loops with missiles and Log extension > sphere flame does 1.09 mil though. I don’t think I can stand playing doom though…I always seem to forget how much I hate everything about how he plays…z

Did anyone else know that because of ammy’s dumb hitbox you get a free corner front throw pickup with OTG + assist? Nice since trying to hit her after decap. slice is damn near impossible without blowing one of your assists.


I’ve been messing with solo post-Dirt Nap relaunches lately and am I just behind the times, or can she do it to every character grounded or aerial in the corner? I used to think it was a really strict followup that only worked if they were on the ground, but I’ve been able to get it on everyone I’ve tried so far in multiple situations with dash up standing light. It feels pretty consistent too, so wouldn’t this remove our need for two relaunch assists to run the double Dirt Nap engine?


It is pretty consistent, just dash st.L. Still kinda tight.

I have no trouble building back one bar with Vergil assist + xf1, though.


It’s not every character aerial and it’s still height specific. The cost they are to the ground, the more likely you are to hit it. Pretty sure it’s 100% on grounded characters.


yeah i too remember going into the lab after that spencer video used the same trick but i couldn’t land it.


Outside of infinites & magic series does X23 have any tac combos?


Not really. H dHxxCS HxxTA M dHxxside.tac, or just the sj combo. Worth checking if she’d can relaunch after the tac since it’s surprisingly lenient after.

Normal combo conversion off iron man + log TAC, relaunch with RB, super > super still works at pretty decent levels of hitstun. Even higher if you can save an OTG assist or ground/wall bounce.


Off a TAC in the corner you can end with blahblahblah, H-CS, M-Talon, j.MS. Two extra hits, whoo.

Vanilla tech: if you TAC really early in the combo, you can cancel the tag hit into a whiffed d.H, and then relaunch.


Hey guys, I’ve got an upcoming money match FT10 I’d like to get some advice for. My opponent will be playing Viper (Burnkick)/Akuma (Tatsu)/Skrull (Tenderizer) and specifically I’m looking for advice on the X-23/Viper matchup and how to deal with anchor Skrull with any of my characters. I’ve played him before and what usually gets me killed is either getting tagged by Viper early in the match or not being able to Dirt Nap Skrull and then dealing with Dark Kl’rt.

What are some things I can do to improve my chances of getting through Viper’s offense? What Doom assist should I run to try to counter tatsu? Any help is appreciated, I have a little more than a week before the match.


She doesn’t get unblockables if you snap Skrull in and kill him. It may cost meter for dirt nap, but you don’t want to be put into a situation(s) where you are losing characters for free.

That Viper team doesn’t look all that optimized, it’s setup so she can corner carry kill a character then tenderizer/focus cancel on incoming. Don’t roll with Hidden Missiles because Tatsu assist stuffs them and seismo spam won’t allow Doom much time on the screen. Watch for her invincible hits, and keep an eye on her meter if you can. It may save your life lol.

Skrull is really important to his team, even if the others die he can random you out with Dark Skrull so your priority should be to kill Skrull asap.


Skrull’s usually the problem character when I play him, so you’re probably right. I’ll try to get rid of him before worrying about the other two characters. Also is it just me or is Skrull a bitch to Dirt Nap without one of the guaranteed assists? I swear every time I go for the meaty talon attack setup he gets out of it with his Skrull Torch hyper. I’m probably messing it up somehow but it never happens against any other character.


Class Real, I thought I told you how to beat C. Viper at the last Cove Monthly. I thought you did really well, then, so I don’t think you need to worry all that much. I was really looking forward to your rematch against VidHamster so I’m sad that I went all the way out there and didn’t get to see the set. His Skrull is pretty terrifying, but it’s not too bad. I rarely snap against his team because his first two characters will die in meter positive combos for you. If you were going to snap, I guess snap C. Viper out because he’s really good with Skrull and Akuma with XF3.

Also, that Skrull Torch hyper has some start-up invincibility, iirc? So if he’s lucky enough to be able to activate it on the first frame, he can get out, I think. I have some trouble with that too. Most often times, I lvl 3 on incoming to force him to Torch, so I jump to block the torch. Then he’s forced to X-Factor to prevent the Torch from being punished. And then I just run around and try to waste X-Factor time which is pretty easy. Skrull can’t really catch X-23 movement (can anyone? she moves really well…) if you know what the Skrull player is up to. After his X-factor burns out, he’s forced to fight 3 characters with X-Factor available and generally loses (barring any happy birthdays). So that’s how I usually beat him.

His Akuma doesn’t really have any neutral, just disgusting incoming set-ups. He will try to corner you and then mix-up with Skrull assist. Usually not a problem with good movement. Just gotta watch out for Happy Birthdays with his beam.

All-in-all, I think your team should be able to handle his just fine. You have dominant assists for X-23 with that Follow My Lead insurance in the back and Ammy to clean up the mess.

My only qualm about your team when I messed around with it is that you are forced to burn X-Factor for Happy Birthdays which most often do not lead to a Dirt Nap incoming on the anchor. Even if you do get the Dirt Nap, you might not build the bar for the following Super, thus potentially leaving the character alive (Dirtnap + 1 launch combo = around 600k I’m estimating?). So, it ends up that burning X-Factor on a happy birthday most often ends up as a potential XF3 comeback from the opposing team. Other than that, your team is hella solid and I wanted to get matches in with you when I was down there but you were busy playing some other garbage game… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Skrull Torch is invincible from like frame 5 or something.


Your advice helped dramatically in that Cove match, I think I went from X-23 dying to Viper four games in a row to X-23 OCVing twice or something like that? I actually started to notice that Skrull isn’t much of a problem if you just run away from him; I guess I’ve been too focused on rushing him down to get rid of him quickly? I actually played him at Red September in Mississippi last night and won, so I’m feeling good going into the money match. I’m not sure when we’re doing it but I know it’ll be recorded and uploaded.

Also played some guys in Mississippi who knew Merkyl and Wandles. I didn’t realize you were that close, you guys should’ve come down! I ended up placing fourth, losing 3-1 to Ranmasama and then to one of the guys who plays you two.

As long as I do optimal X-factor combos I can usually get the Dirt Nap, and if I can’t I have a few other options (Though obviously not as good) to try to get rid of the anchor quickly. This team is pretty crazy, I don’t think it has that many situations where there’s no answer. I’m not even sweating Morrigan and Vergil that much these days. All I need to do is found a reliable way to stop Zero and this team will be perfect.


Yeah, we pop over to the MS tourneys occasionally. Our main watering holes are TN, B’ham (AL), and Atlanta, GA, though.

Where do you actually live? We’ve started doing big weekend marvel crack sessions before majors and you’re welcome to stop by if it’s not too much of a drive for you.

I also think we have one of the better/smarter anchor skrulls down here. I think the main trick to fighting anchor skrull is to stay grounded. Meteor smash is practically unreactable if you’re in the air since your character won’t turn around and let you know which way to block and once you block a meteor smash they’re either dead or blowing all their resources.

I agree that you should be looking to run away otherwise.

If you haven’t messed around with it much, alpha-counter CS can make a world of difference against people that have bad pressure habits.


I’m in Lafayette Louisiana, where are you guys? Mississippi was only about a three hour drive for my group so anywhere around that distance would be doable.

I haven’t actually messed with alpha counters in awhile, I’ll try it out.


Oh hey, did somebody say alpha counter?

More goodies in the video thread.


We’re in Huntsville, in north AL, maybe 30 mins from the TN line.