Lets End This! the MvC3 X-23 Combo/Strategy Thread



Nice job Merkyl, thanks!


Not sure if i pointed this out but you can do the H loop 3x midscreen if you add an M to the first two Hs but then it would be inappropriate to call it “H” loop lol


In that case, we’ll just start calling it the Luis loop. XD


Start calling it? Haven’t we been calling them luis loops this whole time or has that just been me?

As far as triple loops midscreen, between the m’s making it super tight and me only being able to consistently connect it on certain characters and not being able to start it off assist hits, I’ve always just stuck with doubles. Plus i find it really freaking hard to call assists for any kind of extension during that and I don’t have any free otg + assist extensions with Dante/mags. :confused:


Well, I use both, though I use H loops more than Luis loops, so usage may vary. =P Just saying, if there was a variation that wasn’t exclusively with H, I’d automatically use Luis loops instead of H loops.

What I want to do when I get home is see if his midscreen MH version will work after confirming with a TA L or a charged Neck Slice. I highly doubt it, but it’d be worth trying. Otherwise, for the most part, I’ll keep doing doubles of the loop.


If I do this combo:

s.MHxxMF H, j.MH, land, j.MxxCS LxxTA L, land s.HxxMF HxxCS LxxTA L, land s.HS

can I add an air series (After launch) > otg + assist > launch > j.H > blah blah

or will they flip out? Im not at home so I cant test =/


Would depend on the specific assist, but I would be surprised if you could come up with a combo that was so scaled that you couldn’t even do a first extension with it. (With the assumption you were using an assist that isn’t notable un-HSD friendly.)

Also, Afaik, you can always extend with otg +assist > tk cs h xx ta l, it’s just a tighter link.

I was messing with anti pushblock corner chipstrings tonight. The input leniency on cs xx ta makes it seem like it might  be a viable option with the right assists. s.H xx mf L, land, call js, cs l xx ta l x2 does a bit over 100k in chip and leaves her at advantage and ignores pushblock entirely.

I feel like you could probably add missiles to that and come up with dumb pretty dumb stuff.

There’s too much of a gap to use cs l/m xx ta m unless people are pushblock, it seems like it would be tight enough to full blockstring with but fast enough jabs can mash through it. I think she could probably have infinite blockstun in the corner against characters that can’t jab out of it.


Found a much much easier way to tac past X23 with Dante off a stinger +emd
With corner carry.

Again, not particularly X23 exclusive, but important for double dirt nap.

Stinger +emd xx teleport falling j.H land s.MH df.HH xx stinger xx BC iad j.h, land, dash s.S + AS, sj.MH xx KB, land, s.S, sj.H TAC


Cool tidbit for xf1. On hulk, nem, sent, Thor, and dorm (and strange, but I only hit it once) you can link straight to s.S after AS, so you can do xf2 loops in xf1, though you have to watch hitstun more closely than you do in xf2.

Pretty much solidifies her point game against the big bodies.


http://www.twitch.tv/yokoil/b/503600689 from 1:22:35


for some casual play against other Dutch players.

Posting it here because the other threads are mostly dead.

The second video is against a better player, so makes for a more entertaining watch I think.


Traumatisch, if you haven’t seen it yet, Sykilik is working on a video guide and pooling information from the forums players. There’s a newish thread with the info. Should def. check it out if you’re interested in helping.


How do you effectively use X-23’s assists?


CS is hard for most characters to use in neutral, so you mainly just use it as an alpha counter.

AS is mainly used for combo extension and in situations where you can force an opponent to stay in range for it (so Dante grapple setups, dorm stalking flare and trick round harvest setups, incoming, corner resets.) . characters with anti pushblock outor teleport options can use it in neutral, but the startup is pretty slow so take specific setups.


Thanks. Also, I noticed in your sig that you use Magneto and his beam assist. I’m guessing you use it for X-23? If so, how do you get that to work? I’ve been trying that myself, but it has so little hitstun I couldn’t really use it.


It’s not an easy assist to use with her, for sure. You have to play the ranges a bit closer than you can with other beams, but otherwise it confirms pretty well. It’s def. not a bad assist for her, though. Just requires some practice. If you’re playing a Dante/X23 pair, I think it’s worth the extra work to have EMD for Dante.


I’m not really good at quick execution stuff, so I don’t know if I can make it work. But I think I’ll still give it another shot.


Picking up x23 again. Could someone tell me her optimal hit confirm combo? I would check the first page but I dont know if its relevant or not. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I know this isnt the team building thread, but could anyone offer any insight into X23 / Tatsu?

Thanks to anyone willing to help!!!


She doesn’t really have the ioh to abuse tatsu like Wolvie can, like Abby decent Rushdown character with a decent dash or a left/right, she abuses it fine. I haven’t looked into extensions, but I don’t imagine it offers much more than a beam bounce.

Imo, the current best confirm combo is s./c.MHxxMF H j.mh, land, instant j.MxxCS Lxx TA L, land, s.HXXMF HxxCS HxxTA L, s.HS, into whatever sj combo and ender you want.


Thank you very much Merkyl. The info is much appreciated. Does that combo still work off of a divekick / d+H? Or does it push hitstun too far?

Im having difficult time linking the s.H after the first CS xx TA. Is there a video for this combo? I can link s.MH xxMF > H DP xx L Talon, but after than, they are too high to link the last s.H.

Tips? Does it have to be a specific number of hits on the s.M’s? Do I have to delay the j.MH after the first mirage H? Maybe it has to do with me not doing the CS xx TA leniency thing Ive heard about so my TAs arent coming out high enough? Idk. How exactly do you do the leniency thing? I think I read that all you have to do is 623+L > 6L…but that never works for me. Maybe im not doing it slow enough or something?

Lastly, does the combo you listed do considerably more damage than this combo:

cr.M > s.H xx H Mirage > j.MH xx L Talon > s.MH xx H Mirage > j.MH xx L DP xx L Talon > s.H > Launch > stuff


Edit 2:

I was also working on this combo:

MH xx MF H xx CS L xx TA L, land s.M [s.H(time the M so they’re near grounded height) xx MF H xx CS L xx TA L, LAND] x2

and I cant ever link the s.H after CS L xx TA L > land). They are never high enough. Im sure whatever it is, its the same problem as the first combo I mentioned. Im assuming it has something to do with the TA coming out too low / me not doing the leniency thing.


Yeah. Learning that leniency will make your life ridiculously easy when it comes to those combos. There’s not a whole lot of tricks to it, you just have to have a clean 623l and the follow-up 6l is actually done really fast. Practically a double Tap on the LLs.

On the combos, I’m pretty sure that first I’ve would work after a dH or Talon, but I’d have to check to be 100%.the height control on that combo is handled by doing super fast cs xx ta so my only advice is to Rudd it or work on the leniency. (I might do a short tutorial vid at some point for that sincewe don’t have one yet.)

Damage wise, u think the first one would have 30~50k more, nothing super huge.

The Kay combo is the same idea. Max speed cs xx ta l so fast inputs or leniency. I think the trick people used to use Ib stick and pass was doing a full 360 motion after the dp around to forward. be worth trying that if the leniency doesn’t work out for you.