Let's face it, Hugo sucks


  • I would see him grab the opponent and all of a sudden the opponent jumps away
  • too much hitstun, even on JABS so he can’t frame trap his jabs into 360 hug
  • retarded input leniency
  • gets crossed up like a bitch against shotos
  • no anti air protection whatsoever
  • hard to get in on most characters
  • 360s do shitty damage
  • 360s have REALLY bad range
  • 360s have no priority mixup whatsoever

correct me if I am wrong


He doesn’t suck, he has alot of health and does alot of damage.


I think the biggest issue with Hugo is that he’s pretty much exposed nowadays, in other words people (start to) know what his tricks are. Remember how everyone in the beginning were claiming how OP he was? And now, you’d hardly put him in mid tiers.

What Hugo 's all about is having plenty of meter and getting/holding momentum (keep on pressuring your opponent) to land his high damaging BnB combo’s. If you have neither of those things, you’ll have to work hard. His high health and high damage output are quite fair. He’s kinda alright the way he works right now.


Mixups with grabs are not good, but possible, however his low/high mixups are pretty strong and can lead to massive damage, just to name a few:

-J.+D+HP, then c.lk, or then s.HP
-c.lk, S.HP
-c.MP, clap, d,d+MK

Now start using this and then mixup with 360s or HCB+K (can lead to more damage) here and there and you kill one character.

Just don’t feel desperate if they keep running, exploring your weakness’ and forcing you to jump, you are not obligate to attack, but keep closing the distance.


I’m getting better with Hugo now. Thanks guys. It just came naturally as I kept grinding and learning more (furiously) against all the stupid things that happen in this game.


They better not nerf him…Seriously…As if he isn’t bad enough lol

Yes his damage is high, but what good is it when he can’t get the damage off vs. someone good?


I don’t think hugo is bad you just need a character that allows him to get in.


Consider myself a Hugo specialist. Now, saying this, I’ll tell you as forwardly put as possible. If you’re opponent is decent, you’re going to take damage getting in, just know this ahead of time and don’t get frustrated. Using charged lariatxx fwd. dash to get through fireballs is good, just use it sparingly. Depending on the situation, if my opponent is running away I’ll purposely jump onto fireballs and tech roll forward. Again, use it sparringly. Nobody is going to go toe-to-toe with a Hugo unless the matchup is ridiculously in their favor or he’s got zero meter(i.e: Chun Li), so you’re going to be chasing alot. This means he’s not very good to start with.

So you need need to partner him with 1 of 2 things:

–Someone who can zone
–Someone who can get in

Now, if you’re reads are typically good then once you’re in…you’re in. Quick charging lariats for punishing frequent backdashes are great, which leads into cr. jab, lp.clap, backbreak. Also, there is no jumping away from him either while you have meter. EX backbreaker shuts this tactic down. In regards to him being crossed up easily, lk.backbreak will keep people honest if their jump ins aren’t precise, and if they are, then EX backbreak (it’s 100% anti air, even on your wakeup).

Good pressure building tactics are:
[]cr. lk > lp.clap x3 (100 damage in chip) Doesn’t link, it frame traps. Consider this more of a scrub killer rather than an advanced tactic as alot of players take big damage (alot of counter-hits)from trying to hit buttons.
]cr. lk > lp.clap, dd.mk x2 (Hits overhead) This will bring you in close enough for a free jump in with splash (HP) (against anyone without a 3fr reversal) that typically will crossup.
[*]cr. lk > lp.clap, cr. jab > fwd. dash cr. jab, 360. (Useful against people who block alot or players you’ve trained to block against Tactic #1.)
Also, any splash you land in the air, regardless of how low to the ground you can always pick them up with cr.jab, lp.clap > backbreak. Doesn’t matter if it’s counter-hit or not. Hugo gets juggle potential from that always.

I would have been more thorough with this write up but I’ve got to get back to work. Lol hope this helped.


With the new patch said to be coming, has Ayano mentioned anything about throw range being increased? Or maybe why it blows so hard?


It blows hard because it blew hard in 3s too. Only explation.


If people haven’t noticed yet, the knock down time after landing a super has been reduced. This is probably to prevent backbreaker after super, to catch the character in the air after landing a super on both of your opponents characters, but it has also messed with my oki setup a lot. I am pretty sad about it haha


hugo is godlike if controlled in the right hands. look for defects in your opponent. i like him and guile


Hugos good, he’s got a few tough matchups but he can still compete.


The main problem is that Hugo is a giant target, the biggest character in the game, and he is easily susceptible to combos. And throws will catch him easier than others.

He is also slow, so combos are hard.

But if you can manipulate the Backbreaker, the Clap and the SPD, you will master him in no time.

Just make sure you always block a lot.

I’m good at Hugo, so just giving out tips.