LET'S FIGHT LIKE GENTLEMEN 06-25-2011 Results (Azusa, CA)

**Thanks to all the participants for coming out to compete! Special thanks to those who helped provide extra game copies and setups (i.e., BLAQMAGIK, DIZeLAN Toxic, BeeJayisCool, theaznshumai, JAPPYtheBOSS, Phaze12490, GRIMtheFLAME, and Gabe_Art).

Results for Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles:
1st - LLND
2nd - Hugo 101
3rd - theaznshumai
4th - Chaotic Blue
5th - BeeJayisCool
5th - OneManGenocide
7th - Arteris
7th - Deathfaker (Nelson)

Results for SSF4 AE Singles:
1st - Hugo 101
2nd - Phaze12490
3rd - Gabe_Art
4th - DASH
5th - Benji
5th - Blockbuster Jon
7th - BeeJayisCool
7th - BlaqSkillz

Results for Mortal Kombat Singles:
1st - Krayzie Bone
2nd - [ADG] Wonder Chef
3rd - Hugo 101
4th - Chaka

3rd Strike and Tekken 6: Not enough signed up, but got a good amount of casuals in the aftermath.