Let's Fight...Like Gentlemen: Dudley-Cody Matchup

Hey Cody forums. I need to up my game against Cody, and so I’m putting out a challenge to the users here in the forum. I’m on XBL, and my tag is King Hippo42. I’m in Glendale, Arizona, for anyone wondering about connection. In the near future, these will be recorded too, by Nemesys Syndrome.

Looking foward to some matches!

GG’s to greatsinister, put me on blast in a few of those rounds XD

I’m down, I hardly play any dud players anyways. I’ll add you tomorrow.

Very enjoyable set with FearR, thank you sir.

Just send a message, I’ll play with Cody
He’s my 3rd for fun char out of Makoto and Seth

GGs I guess my T.Hawk is better than my Cody. or maybe zoning dudley is harder than I thought for Cody.
Safe Jump more vs Cody instead of baiting out wake up after sweeps throws and duck upper juggle knockdowns.


Good set, I need to play against dudley players more often, you had me on lockdown quite a few matches.

i need to work on the dudley cody matchup too, zoning dudley or something

why zone him? I want him in my face. that is, unless I’m lyin on the ground.

I think all dudley has to do is get up in cody’s face and he’s got the match.


why? he has no good reversal but ex upper. and his only real mix up is his f.hk. the rest is merlely frame traps like you have aswell. only that yours are way better and you’ve better tools to counter his. on wakeup he’s as free as you are if you’ve a few meaty setups on your hand. also, keep in mind you can u2 his ex mgb on block.

It is a pleasure to read a polite Dudley player.

word cody vs dudley imo is 6 - 4 cody…dudley can’t beat you up close his back hp gets beat by nuetral hk btw

Heh, we Dudley’s must always mind our manners XD

But Carbo, those were some gg’s…you seemed to be messing around a bit, but you did take it to me in some of those matches. I appreciate any fight ^^

Well even though I was pretty much locked down the whole duration of our fights KingHippo, I will say good games. You fight like a Gentleman.

dunno why f mp runs his jab…cr. hk fucks him up good too…infact all codys normals do, infact codys a better boxer than dudley…a true pugalist

I’m not really good with Cody. I’m a much better Adon player. Sometimes I just fuck up thanks to playing with a regular 360 controller.

I see I’m over a month late but I kinda wanna play a Dudley too.

dudley-cody seems like 6.5 - 3.5 for me. imo one of codey’s best matchups.