Let's figure out and list all of Ken's changes during VT



Updated 2/28/16

Hi guys,
I’m going to be making several videos on Ken and posting them on my Youtube channel, Van Diesel Productions. One of them might be on Ken during VT.

Can you all help me compile a list of changes that occur in VT? I feel like I’ve figured most of them out but please check over my list and let me know if there are any cool little things you noticed as well. It could be anything. If you post it here and I don’t have it on my list, I’ll give you credit in the video. Cheers!

Damage/Stun buffs have the damge listed first with stun listed in parentheses.

[] Ken gains flame effect on his feet, and loses the flame effect on his feet when he taunts
] FB 50 dmg (100 stun) -> 70 dmg (100 stun)
[] EX FB dmg 90 (150 stun) -> 120 dmg (200 stun)
] Fireballs and EX FB cause a knockdown
[] His air EXT no longer juggles, hit twice and leaves them on the ground so you can combo after hitting them with it. Aerial EX Tatsu damage from 90 (100) (1 hit) to 110 (200)
] LP SRK 100 (150) to 120 (150)
[] MP SRK 130 (150) to 150 (150)
] HP SRK gains an extra 2 hits and maybe increased juggle potential? Dmg 140 (150) to 160 (150).
[] EX SRK gains an extra 2 hits (normally does 7) for 9 hits total. Plus some extra range (HP SRK range stays the same). EX SRK dmg 150 (200) to 170 (200).
] HK Tatsu dmg from 140 to 160 (250)
[] HKT is quicker on startup. You can now do j.HK, st.LK (or cr.MK) or st. xx HKT which is not possible normally. Also st.MK-HK xx HKT is now possible.
] EX Tatsu 160 (200) to 180 (200). EX Tatsu improved hit box or startup…You can now juggle close LKT into EX tatsu (Thanks vskillzv)
[] LK Tatsu 70 (100) to 90 (150). Increased juggle potential (pops them up higher in the air for SRK juggles not normally possible. )
] MK Tatsu 100 (150) to 120 (200)…increased juggle properties (all 3 hits connect from further out, allowing juggles into EX SRK from hit confirms)
[] HK Tatsu trajectory and juggle potential altered. You can now do a full screen HK Tatsu and it juggles into any SRK. If you do CC cr.HP xx HKT it only hits partially and you can land on the other side and combo into Critical Art, EX tatsu, EX SRK, SRK, etc.
] All tatsus now nullify projectiles, including aerial tatsus.
[*] Cross up tatsus have increased hit stun (now +7 on hit??), allowing for better link into critical art, sweep, st.MP etc (Almost forgot to include this one! Thanks Rizhall)


Safely cancelling into VT when blocked: (Source: Jay Rego’s SF5 beta video)
o Cancel from st.MP, cr.MP, or B+MP and you’ll be at frame advantage (sweep is +0)
o Cancel from st.HP, LKT, MKT, or st.MK and you get a true block string after

Did I miss anything?

Feel free to include some setups or new mixups / tech as well.


Lk Tatsu also lets you juggle into EX Tatsu if you’re close in on v-trigger. You can do stuff like cr MP xx Hadouken xx v-trigger, St Hp xx run, lk Tatsu, ex tatsu


Aerial tatsus give better hit advantage, letting you combo off of them, including the cross-up ones


Can someone give an example of a link that’s possible out of a VT crossup aerial tatsu that is not possible outside of VT? I want to know exactly how much extra hit stun the game gives you.

EDIT: I hit the lab and I could get cr.MP (5 frame attack) to link after Cross Up HKT, although strangely I couldn’t link B+MP.
Anyways, when I went into VT I was able to link st.MP (6 frames), cr.HK (8 frames), and Critical Art (5 frames?). I couldn’t link st.MK so therefore Cross Up HKT must be around +7 on hit.


So I heard that the prima guide has all the frame data differences for his VT? That’s vital info.


Is this true? I can normally hit mk tatsu, EX shoryu, but in trigger i could not once hit TC1, mk tatsu, EX shoryu. The opponent simply wasnt popped high enough to catch with the EX shoryu. I know the combo works with LK tatsu in trigger, but is it possible with MK tatsu?


Unfortunately it doesn’t work from his Chin Buster TC (B+MP-HP) because the HP pops them up into the air.
It’s not a big deal though because you can do it from the B+MP (or any other normal that hits close like st.MP, st.HP, st.LK, st.MK, etc).
So you can do stuff like cr.MP, st.LK/B+MP xx MKT, EX SRK during VT :tup:


An interesting thing to note is that the projectile negation of Ken’s V-trigger tastus are due that to the hits are counted as projectiles themselves, with the exception of the non-negating close-range first hit. This also means that any projectile-invincible, -negating or -armoured moves (like Zangief’s double lariat and headbutt, Cammy’s v-skill, Necalli’s charge, most Critical Arts, etc) will go through the V-trigger tatsus even if a normal tatsu would have hit or traded. Just something to look out for.

Other projectile negating moves, like Zangief’s headbutt and Karin’s v-skill, have both strike and projectile hit boxes. (Yes, moves with projectile armour, like Necalli’s charge or Chun-Li’s v-trigger b.HP, will absorb a hit from their attacks, but they will still be active afterwards, while projectile invincible moves will still be hit.)I suppose the way Capcom makes certain attacks negate projectiles in SFV is by layering a projectile hit box over the strike hit box. This works for Karin’s v-skill and Zangief’s headbutt as they cannot juggle afterwards, so only one of the hit boxes will hit. However, Ken’s tatsus juggle, which would result in a double hit. But that is just my speculation.

And, yes, v-trigger tatsus can negate other v-trigger tatsus.


Are you sure V-Trigger tatsu’s don’t have projectile hitbox over strike hitbox?That seems pretty suspect.


I’m not a 100% sure, but since moves like Cammy’s V-trigger goes through them, I’m quite sure. And from what I’ve seen from the hit boxes from the Frame Trapped application, it seems to be that way.
I did a little video about it with a few examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rKWAluWu_0

I haven’t tested the airborne tatsus, so I cannot say for certain about them.