Let's fix the Third Strike forum link

The 3s forum link on the main index links here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/street-fighter-iii-3rd-strike (no man’s land)

It needs to link here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/strategy-zone-street-fighter-iii-3rd-strike (where we need to be)

3S is a dead game. Who cares, nerd.

+1 to fix please. it’s a nuisance to dig through the forums to view all the threads. please fix.

yeah I gotta say with all the work being done on complicated things like forum skins and avatar sizes, how is it something as simple as some broken hyperlink references hasn’t even been acknowledged?

yay no deleting posts

Yeah it’s shameful something this simple hasn’t been fixed yet, same for MVC2.

Someone get SRK to restore the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike link back to where it belongs!

For some reason, 3rd Strike, MvC2, CvS2 and TvC sections are visible to moderators only.

Here’s how I see things now.

As you can see, the aforementioned games have been moved to thier ow sections separate from the other games. For some reason, it seems that these are visible to moderators only.

Forum links.

3rd Strike




This probably explains why 3rd Strike and the other mentioned games are not showing up for the vast majority of SRK users.

Actually, it seems that even some of the other mods cant see them.

Can MrWizard or another board admin fix this? :expressionless:

I figured out why I couldn’t see the 3S/CvS2/MvC2 forums. I’m not sure if this works for normal users or not.

Scroll all the way down past the trading outlet. You should see something labeled “category filter”. Make sure you toggle it to “all categories”. The default seems to be “followed categories” which for some reason doesn’t include those three sub forums.

After switching to “all categories”, I can see all the sub forums. Let me know if it works for you guys.

Yeah changing it to “all categories” fixes it for me even on the mobile version of the site. Had to switch to the full site first in order to change it though.