I’ll play brandon for the thousand. Lets get this guap

500 ON JOSH WIGFALL. You already know what it is.

I hope this is for real, i can only take so many fake $1000 bets per year.

I <3 preposterous East Coast bets, especially ones that involve DIPS. :tup:

it’s up to brandon, i’m down wigfall.

Sidebets, i like josh an extra g.

Nobody will ever man up enough to be like me…bet $1k and lose it all in 15 minutes…you WISH you were fucking ballers!

I knew this would not happen…:rofl:

What are you talking about? Me, Isaac, Josh just got back from the courts. We doing it big this year. Harlem Shake in full effect.

Change of plans, D. Hyo accepts wigfall.



Hevad: you wanna take my 500 side bet too? <3

Royalty is always hype minion. I’m hype ALL DAY. But you wont be when your walking home. and why wouldnt he accept a bet when he has nothing to lose. I have a stipulation. When I win you stop the permanent deep throating you been doing and you bow to me and hand me my money in front of all spectators while telling me I’m that duke of dukes. Its already known that I am by all. We just want to here YOU say it and grovel at my feet. LETS GET THIS GUAP!!!

lol. i’m trying to get rich too man. on the sunday of ecc i started my betting with $5 and built it up to $290 before grand finals where I ended up losing all of that and an extra $150, but u get the point … I MAKE GOOD BETS. So, having said that I think I should lay out some points about this match. You are a very good player Josh. You have a strong MSP, but Brandon is better than you. I am not discrediting the fact that you have placed top 2 at ECC8, won several southern tournies, cf tournies, break tournies, placed high @ EVO and midwest. You are a very talented player, but there is a reason why the general marvel population would put money on Brandon instead of you - HE IS A BETTER PLAYER. So, even if you win I consider it the luck of the draw. I like my odds betting on Brandon over you ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. You may be the duke of all dukes but Brandon is Bin Laden and he’s been impossible to find for years now. However, everyone knows where the duke is at and what he’s capable of.

Don’t turn this around into a money match against me either. The only time that I have ever played you that mattered to me was the time @ a regional Break tourney when I beat you 2-1 and you pulled that technicality on me to get it replayed - WHICH BTW I SPOKE TO SEVERAL REFEREES LAST ECC THAT ALL TOLD ME YOU WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT AND YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE LOSER’S BRACKET. So, there it is wigfall I have beaten you in tournament before and it’s now fact. If you didn’t get away with that bullshit technicality against me I would more likely than not have placed top 3 in a very prestigous tournament in the ec. Now, I know this was in the past and it’s pretty sad of me to bring it up in the eyes of NY and yourself most importantly, but we both know dudes like me don’t ever perform well @ tournies and usually going 3-0 in the winners bracket of any tournament is a big thing. I just wanted to run this by you so you know for a fact that you cheated your way out of loss versus me. Again, not discrediting your skill and reputation - you’re an excellent player and well deserved of your fame.

So, let’s get the hype going. I’m only putting up $1,000 on this match alltogether. If you want to split your investment in the bet between some of the DIPS and others and just pool $1,000 together so it’s cheaper for you then that’s fine too - i’m not out to fully rob you. Also, I would like Potter, Deus, and other peeps to all get a piece of the action so this match is interesting for all parties involved / in the crowd observing the match. As for my investment, i’ll be putting in $1,000 of my own cash into this match.

Josh, we need to arrange a day for this to happen during evo. You are experienced in running tournaments and organizing things so I will go ahead and let you decide where and when it takes place @ EVO.

Again, let’s keep this simply as a huge money match with madness and good times. Play a great match, and at the end I’d like all competitors and bettors to shake hands with each other and pay up to the winner(s).


Regardless of who is better…

It seems to me the only person involved here who has any balls is Hevad. He’s the ONLY person putting up $1000 of his money for what he believes in. That’s a true ballsy gambler.

On the other side, it should JUST be Wigfall or JUST ONE of the Dipset crew. By splitting it up it only shows your uncertainty that Josh will win, so you’re splitting up the bet so you don’t lose too much money. Did I get 10 people to back me when I played Mixup at ECC8? Fuck no.

This bet should be cleanly between Josh and Hevad, and anybody else who wants to bet should do side-bets. If Dipset wants to cry about this, too bad, why don’t one of you play against Brandon and have Hevad back him again? To water down one of the greatest bets EVER is only going to make Hevad look better, since 1. he’s flying Brandon out to EVO in the first place and 2. he’s the sole backer of him in the bet.

And as a side note, Brandon you need to stop being such a pussy and start BELIEVING IN YOURSELF and fly your sorry ass out to EVO by yourself to compete. Why are you relying on Hevad to manage your ass? Give me a fucking break, man up and get your butt out there on your own ticket…this is just gay that you’re forcing him to buy you shit so you’ll get off your lazy ass and represent the EC at EVO.

Once again, Phil always has input when he knows NOTHING. Just keep diving in head-first phil; keep looking like a genius with your posts. I hate to explain shit to someone so ignorant on the situation, but I MUST. Firstly, no one has even MENTIONED splitting up the bet. Even if we did, it would be for totally different reasons, not the one you assume. Secondly, and similar to you, I don’t have a job anymore(I didn’t lose it), but somehow I’m STILL caking off, and I would back Josh the money, but that would be unfair to him because this is his bet. If josh wanted to put all the money up, who am I to say no? You’re argument is so rediculous. Lastly, Don’t even talk to me about “why don’t one of you play against Brandon and have Hevad back him again?” I’m not even going to respond to this. You already know what it is. All that should matter is that both sides are putting up the money, no matter how many parties are involved. That’s why its called betting. Obviously if hevad put up all the money he’s entitled to a much larger portion than if josh were to split it with others.

Anyways, this should be the event of events at evo. Good shit guys making marvel the best game on earth.

Phil, you should really start taking Potter’s advice. >_>

First of all, I have a job and I never said I couldn’t afford to fly myself out to evo. I have many hookups to not even pay for the damn trip, so Hevad isn’t the only key for me going. However, Hevad been asked me if I wanted to go to evo and this was before ECC11. He offered to sponser me out of his own decision and I did not ASK him to do it. He’s doing a favor for me, so I accepted. He makes all of the money matches and challanges on his own. Hevad is a grown man, and I cannot force him to do anything. END OF STORY.

Oh, and as for “believing in myself” Umm, WTH, guy!? When did I ever have self-esteem issues? You’re a cool guy, but you seriously need to start thinking before you post.

Potter FTW!

How come Brandon didn’t accept from himself? ^_^* just curious… gonna be another D.Run-A-Round? <3

I did accept this match myself, but just incase you need to read it again to have full clarity.


why is phil talking? smh @ that wtf… you dont even play marvel.

lets get this poppin my niggas…

True irony is Phil saying this:
"Nobody will ever man up enough to be like me"
in a thread about a $1000 bet. I’m still depressed I won’t be getting my money this year.

–Jay Snyder

Just to clarify:

  1. If Josh is indeed backing the full 1k, then this is legit and I take back what I said. When I saw mad people trying to throw on their bets, I read it incorrectly. My bad.

  2. Brandon, you already posted twice in this thread saying you weren’t going to do the bet, then magically your posts are deleted and Hevad says you accept, then FINALLY you accept. Sorry but that sounds like self esteem issues to me, especially if you got a chance to read those first two posts you made…

I myself, unless in the most dire of circumstances, would not let anybody fly me to EVO for free. Now if somebody wanted to back me in a bet, that’s another story, because I’m not involved in the bet, just the gameplay. I still think if Hevad is willing to back you 1k here you should pay your own way.

  1. Jay, I don’t bet what I don’t have, which is why I’m STILL not betting you for $1k. I beat you in an argument while totally drunk, you got pissed, a suggestion for a wager was made, and you blew it out of proportion to get your own hype, since you’re now a nobody that only scrubs in General Discussion care about. I own you in life, you stupid bitch. Now go back to your faggotry, douchebag.